5 Simple Ways to Create a Positive Attitude

Creating a positive attitude is easier than you think!

Did you know that just a few simple changes can transform your life?  That you can develop a positive attitude even if you’re a pessimist?  Even if you’re not happy with where you are in your life right now, you can become more positive.  The best way to improve your life and your circumstance is your attitude.  You may not be able to control the current situation but you can absolutely control your attitude.

I know you’ve heard about the abundance vs. scarcity mentality.  The scarcity mentality believes that everything is limited – that there’s not enough to go around.  You live in fear of running out of money, food and resources.  Of course I live in fear of running out of time – that seems to be something none of us have enough of!  I think the scarcity mentality is the natural mentality for most of us and it’s something we have to consciously practice against.  It’s a lot easier to be negative than positive for many people, myself included.

An attitude of abundance teaches us that there is always enough.  There is more than enough money, success and joy to go around and even to share.  In this mindset I can cheer on my friends and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

By living with an attitude of abundance I continue to foster it.  When I choose to see all the wonderful things around me and celebrate my friends and family and business wins, they increase.  When I’m confronted with an obstacle I can learn to view it as an opportunity – because that’s what it really is, a chance to make a change and improve. It takes practice but I’ve got 5 super easy tips to help you get there.

Here’s my shortlist of 5 easy things that you can do today to create (and maintain) a positive attitude.

1:  Start your day with a routine – How you choose to begin your day will determine the direction of the day. Take a moment in the morning to practice gratitude or meditate.  Think about how you want your day to go and picture it.  You can also start this the evening before – if you’re not a morning person then spend some time each evening laying out a process to make your morning routine easier.  Pick out your outfit, get the coffee pot ready to turn on, or make a checklist.  You might even need to get up a few minutes earlier, it can be as little as 5 minutes to improve your whole day. That’s worth 5 less minutes of sleep right?

2:  Keep a journal – it can be whatever kind of journal fits you but it’s a good daily practice.  I’m not good at keeping a true journal – I’m more likely to do a brain dump occasionally and jot my ideas and thoughts into my planner or notebook.  You can easily jot down an event, word or conversation during the day to bring your mind back to abundance, or as a reminder of something positive that has happened.  I also made my word of the year grateful so I have that word in strategic places as a reminder.

3:  Take a Deep Breath – There are many scientific benefits to the art of breathing deeply and its affect on our bodies.  Check out this infographic for more about that.

4:  Smile – Smiling doesn’t cost a thing and it will make you and those around you feel more positive.  Try it!

5:  Get some fresh air – Take a few minutes in nature and to add to your sense of well being.  Stuck at work?  Even just a quick walk around the outside of the building can clear your mind and refresh you.  It only takes a few minutes to feel the improvement.

And there you have it – 5 quick and easy things to help you create a positive attitude!  Try them all today or focus on just one and see if it doesn’t improve your day.  Pretty soon you’ll find that these tips turn into habits and you’re just naturally more positive!

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