New Year Focus on Grateful

Happy New Year!  Did you make a resolution for the coming year or set a goal to achieve?  I’m of the opinion that you can set a resolution at any time of the year – pick a goal and aim for it, but there’s something fitting about the new year.  It feels like a new beginning and it’s a time to rest after the rush of the holidays.  It’s a good time to clear out clutter, both in our homes and in our minds.  The gray weather keeps me inside and demands that I be still.  This year, I’ve decided to pick a broader focus to encompass all of my goals, both personal and professional.  My focus word for 2018 is grateful.

- to receive or experience with gratitude

This is what I’m planning for this year – to receive or experience things with gratitude.  To appreciate all the wonderful things in my life and to have a deeper recognition of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky I am and I do enjoy it, but I want to have a deeper appreciation this year.  I want to focus more on how far I’ve come instead of how far I need to go.  And I want to extend that appreciation to those around me.

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