Check Out My Fantastic Fall Decor for 2022

Today I’m sharing all the projects I’ve been working on for my fall decor this year. Some of this is for Halloween and some is for fall in general, but you know I always put a bright spin on it!

I saw a TikTok the other day that had someone in some store adding pumpkins to a cart. The soundtrack behind them was “I see a pumpkin, I buy a pumpkin, I see a pumpkin, I buy a pumpkin” and let me tell you that I might have laughed a little too hysterically at it.

My daughter recently asked what my actual pumpkin budget was for this year. I said “Let’s not talk about it” and my husband said “Oh wait, there was a budget? I thought it was just unlimited”.

So that’s how the fall decorating is going.

It seems that seasonal decorating in my house just tends to last the whole season until I can’t find anymore of the items and then I just move onto the next season!

I mean, it’s not a bad thing.

Well, maybe bad for my budget but let me tell you about my fall decor this year!

My Pumpkins this year

I’ll admit that I went on a bit of a pumpkin binge this year and if you follow me on social media I did share a few video’s of the shopping.

You can’t really have fall decor in your house if you don’t include pumpkins right?

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween either, they carry right on into Thanksgiving.

A shopping cart full of pumpkins - pretty much how decorating went this year!

So I made multiple trips to buy pumpkins! (I’m afraid to admit that part of it is because they wouldn’t all fit in my car in one trip, sigh!)

And even though I started in September, by mid October I have not finished my pumpkin arch on my porch.

I am determined to get it done though.

I also had the Christmas lights put up already so at least I’m ahead of the curve in that department!

I know that won’t last though – we are hosting two big party’s in November and then Thanksgiving so I can’t put out all the Christmas decor until after.

Which is really when it should go out but I like starting mid November so I can take my time.

No time this year though!

The Dining Table

Our dining table featuring fall decor for 2022 -

The dining table only has a few pumpkins on display but it’s where I chose to put more fall colors.

I added some foliage in a tall vase that has a fall vibe. Not the vase, it’s white and blue, but the flowers are more traditionally fall colors.

The rest of the decor is brightly colored and easy to move out of the way since we actually use our table pretty regularly.

Well maybe not everyday, but at least every week.

On our breakfast table and the kitchen island I like to keep fresh flowers so those colors change just about every week to ten days to whatever colors I happen to find when I’m shopping!

The Pumpkin Arch

This might have been my favorite project for fall decor 2022 but you have to scroll down and check out the entryway to see the best of all!

The pumpkin arch for our fall decor 2022 - it features lots of brightly colored jack o lanterns!

Here are a few photo’s of the Pumpkin arch that I installed and you can definitely read more of the shenanigans that happened with it if you check here!

You can definitely see all the bright colors from the street and it didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned it I’m really happy with how it did turn out.

I won’t spend a lot of details on the arch since I’ve already written about it so I’ll share a little more about how the front porch turned out!

The Front Porch

A brightly colored pumpkin wreath made for our front door at

After you step through the pumpkin arch onto the front porch you are greeted with more pumpkins and my mini pumpkin wreaths that I made.

This was another fun project and I shared the process on my TikTok – needless to say there was a lot of pumpkin painting involved.

And hot glue!

A more distant view of the front porch featuring our fall decor 2022 -

The Entryway

Here is the best project of them all – so many painted pumpkins it’ll make your head hurt!

A close up view of all my painted pumpkins displayed in our entryway for fall 2022 -

Now that the pumpkin arch is done I’m not sure which of the projects was my favorite but the multicolor pumpkins in the entryway are pretty incredible.

I’m having the toughest time getting a great photo of them but they are a showstopper when you walk into our house.

Another great point is that the grandkids can play with them and I don’t have to worry about anything breaking. They just get restacked and they look great again!

I have no idea how I’m going to store all these pumpkins when I pack them up.

I do know that it took several trips to fit them all in my car, which definitely means they won’t all fit into my holiday closet.

I certainly don’t have that many tubs or hiding places either so this will be a puzzle I have to work out in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for that.

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