Kearby Bath After – The Amazing Transformation Photo’s

Earlier I shared the Kearby bath update and here is the Kearby bath after.

The process was long and there were some sweat and tears for sure. The tears weren’t of disappointment though, they were definitely happy tears.

This project turned out even better than we had hoped when we started.

So just to remind you, here are a few before photo’s.

The Before

You can also see all the before photo’s and check out some of the construction updates HERE!

Idea Board for the Kearby Bath Remodel - MySimpaticoLife.com

This was our original design board when we were brainstorming ideas for the bathroom.

We were looking at tile that looked like plank flooring but instead we found these beautiful tiles and decided they were too pretty to not use them!

Tile Choice for the Kearby Bath - MySimpaticoLife.com

These gave the bathroom a little extra pizzaz and we went with a lighter grout so you could really see the shape of the tiles.

Another change from the design board was taking out the half glass feature and using a shower curtain instead.

A half glass is great in a bathroom for adults, but not as much when you’re bathing little ones. You might have to actually get into the tub to turn the water on and off so that was a feature that got removed during planning. It’s a feature that can be added in the future if they decide it’s something they want.

Those are the easiest decisions to make – ones that can easily be changed later. Since it’s not something that’s built into the foundation it’s an easy change. Just remove the shower curtain and add the glass!

The adjustable shower head is a bonus for bathing small ones.

Or the dogs.

It’s definitely a back saver for either of those.

Removing the fringe from the shower curtain - MySimpaticoLife.com

They loved the shower curtain but not the tassel trim so it was removed!

The trim was actually a little too long so removing it made the shower curtain the perfect height to be placed at the 7 foot ceiling.

Kearby Bath After

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. You want to see how it all turned out don’t you?

The Kearby Bath After.  New window and tile complete the space.

The new window let’s in the light but it also draws your eye into the space.

The light really gives the space a more open feeling and also – a lot more light. Surprise!

The bonus is that you can use that window ledge to set products on.

Or some plants, a few pretty plants.

But let’s face it, it will probably have products and toys and all manner of items in it and that’s okay. Because this is the main bathroom and it gets a lot of use.

Kearby bath after - shelves over the toilet provide more storage - MySimpaticoLife.com

We chose open shelving for over the toilet instead of a cabinet.

These shelves are deeper than many of the cabinets we looked at so they’ll easily hold towels. The baskets on the lower shelf will make a great place to hide smaller items and it’s likely we’ll add more storage containers here once the bathroom starts being used again.

Also because another member of the family will mean new and exciting items added to this bathroom.

Kearby bath after - towels for the whole family.  MySimpaticoLife.com

Like this cute baby towel.

So three hooks went onto the wall – one for mommy, one for daddy and one for baby!

Kearby bath after - the vanity provides storage for this small space.  MySimpaticoLife.com

The new vanity is a light grey that doesn’t compete with the other colors in the space but it also fits their aesthetic perfectly.

And a bonus – that drawer is actually functioning. It’s cut out so that the plumbing sits right behind it but you’ve still got drawer space!

This is the nice type of storage that you really need when you’re trying to maximize a smaller space.

The countertop and sink are one unit which eliminates places for dirt to hide.

The nice clean lines in this space let us bring in a little pattern for the backsplash. It’s a small detail but it really adds some interest.

Tile detail in the Kearby bath.  MySimpaticoLife.com

Here’s the decorative tile that was placed as a backsplash behind the sink. It’s very subtle in the pattern but it really adds a lot to the space.

What do you think of the Kearby bath after?

We were all thrilled with how it turned out and now that they’ve had a chance to use it for a bit they’re loving it.

Which is exactly what we want to hear when a project is finished. It works great!

If you’re looking for more bathroom inspiration check out some ideas HERE.

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