Did You Know it’s Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023?

I know it’s only October but have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Today and tomorrow October 10-11 are Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 and practically everything is on sale so we need to get shopping!

I know I always get excited about a great deal when I’m shopping and I spend a fair amount of time online so I can tell you that there are some great deals to be had this Prime Big Deal Day.

It’s definitely a great time to start your holiday shopping if you’ve got gift ideas in mind, but it’s also a great time to pick up the essentials that you use all the time. You’ll definitely want to get stocked up before you’ve got lots of guests coming to town!

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What are Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 are shopping days that are huge discounts for Prime Members only. If you’re not an Amazon Prime Member then it’s definitely time for you to join! There are annual and monthly plans available.

I have to admit that we use ours enough to justify the expense. We also love to watch shows on Amazon Prime TV which is part of the benefits along with 2 Day Shipping, Buy with Prime, and Exclusive Member Deals.

I also love to check out what’s available in Prime Reading. There are tons of great titles that I can download directly to my Kindle!

Remember Amazon Prime Big Deals Days are only two days – October 10-11, 2023!

Prime Big Deal Days 2023 List of Products for MySimpaticoLife.com

What’s on Your Prime Big Deal Days 2023 List?

You can always check out what I’ve been researching on my Amazon Store Front!

I update it pretty regularly with items that I’m loving! Between my daughter’s and myself we use a lot of different things in our households and adding kiddos to the mix has changed all of our buying habits now.

It’s easy to which items are included in the sale when you click through the lists so if you’re looking for something that I’ve shared in the past then you might check there but I’ll also show you what I’m ordering this week!

My Prime Big Deal Days 2023 List

Here are my favorite picks and what I’m ordering so you’ll be able to see them all soon!

I hope you find all kinds of great deals the next couple of days!

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