6 Easy ways to Stay Organized During a Move

Are you thinking about moving sometime in the near future? Here’s a few tips to help you stay organized during a move!

If you’re in the market for a new home there are lots of things you can do to get ready.

Doing some prep work in advance will help your current home show better to prospective buyers and it will get you closer to being ready to move when the time comes.

Over the last 5 years we’ve downsized greatly. We’ve also moved kids from dorms to apartments to condos to houses. With four grown daughters it’s been a whirlwind of moves recently.

With so many life changes I’ve definitely stored up a few tips to help make your next move easier!

Start with a Plan

If you’re planning to move at the beginning or end of a month you’re going to need to get in touch with a mover very early in the process. A moving company can also help you with supplies and may even include them in a moving package, which can save you money.

If you have pets or small children you’re going to need to plan ahead for their care during a move. All the activity is stressful so it’s best if they can go play at a friend or family’s house during the actual move.

Checklists and to do lists and a calendar can help you stay organized and focused during a move. You definitely don’t want to forget an important detail during this process so take notes the best way you can. Write them down or store them in your phone. Or even write them down and take a photo of them so you have the information in more than one spot.

Planning ahead is an essential way to stay organized during a move.

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Stock Up on Moving Supplies

You’re going to need boxes and you’re going to need a lot of them.

So many more boxes than you might think.

Be sure to start saving boxes early in the process, I promise that you’ll appreciate it later on!

You’ll also need paper or bubble wrap for breakable items and there are some great specialty boxes that can make your life easier during packing. Dish and drink boxes make packing your kitchen fast and the boxes are heavy duty so they don’t get crushed.

Wardrobe boxes are great for hanging items so that they can go directly into the closet, still on their hangers and unwrinkled.

It also keeps them clean – no worries about dragging all those dresses on the ground from your car to the closet. Yep, that’s actually happened.

It left an entire armload of dresses covered in little stickers. Lesson learned.

I actually stood in line at a home improvement store recently behind a woman purchasing boxes. Unfortunately there was no tape available. She had a minor meltdown in the checkout line because the store is completely out of tape. She had to finish packing her last few boxes and didn’t have the supplies she needed.

While I can’t actually tell you who’s going to have tape in stock, most moving company’s will accept returns on unused boxes. I

t’s also a great idea to ask your friends on social media or the nextdoor app if they have any moving supplies. You might get lucky and save a lot of money that way!

Clean and Declutter

In my opinion, I think every family should move at least once a decade just to take stock of what all is being stored in your house!

This is the time to clean and clear out all the items that you don’t really want or need.

Let’s face it, you’ve been meaning to do that anyway right?

If you’re moving in the summertime you can go ahead and pack up all those winter clothes and label them. Same goes vice versa, if you’re moving in winter pack up all those summer clothes now and free up some closet space.

I am a huge fan of books and my bookshelves are very full. I can easily pack up at least half of my books and the shelves will still look pretty but it gives me a head start on all the packing that comes later.

The kitchen is another great area to get a head start on. All those dishes that we generally only use for holiday’s can get boxed up. All those lids that don’t have a container can be recycled.

Lids and socks – how are there so many of these without their mates?

Label, Label and List

I don’t think you can add too much description to your boxes to make it easy on yourself later.

Label and label and add a description.

I recommend putting the name of the room that the box goes to on the top and on the side. This way you can see the labels when the boxes are stacked.

Write a description of what’s in the box while you’re packing it. It’s okay to just say books but it can also be helpful to be more specific by saying they’re all by one author or one subject.

Your kitchen boxes can just say kitchen but I promise you’ll have an easier time unpacking if you also describe what’s in them. That way when you’re searching for a coffee mug you’ll know which box to open!

Taking a photo of items can also be a way to keep your boxes organized. If you know you’ll need specific items try taking a photo and then numbering the box and photo to match.

This tip is especially helpful when you have kids. They may be looking for something specific and this can help you both get their items organized quickly.

Pack Essentials Separately

Speaking of the coffee mug. And the coffee pot.

These are considered essentials in our house!

They will be in the last box packed and the first box unpacked. This box will be labeled, color coded and have stickers on it.

The last few boxes you pack are generally the things that you use the most often so have a plan for locating these boxes so that they can be the first unpacked.

This might mean that your essentials travel with you or that they are placed in a specific area.

This also means that putting those descriptions on the box will help you when things feel chaotic!

Hire a Moving Company

If you didn’t already do this as step one then be sure to do it now.

You might be surprised to learn that hiring movers is not as expensive as you think.

Outside of the actual dollar amount involved in hiring a moving company, remember that they have equipment to make moving easier.

That equipment includes professional heavy lifters to save your back!

Movers can also provide packing blankets, dolly’s and straps to keep all of your items from being damaged.

Let the professionals save your back and let them figure out how to maneuver that tight corner or get that giant bookcase up the stairs.

Yep, I know you can do it but you don’t have to.

Gameday Movers of Houston can handle your moving needs.
Gameday Movers of Houston

If you’re in Texas be sure to get in touch with Gameday Moving Services Houston to help you with your move! I always prefer working with smaller local businesses and they’re ready to help you into your new home or office! These long-distance movers in Houston are there to assist whatever they can in any way they can including labor only, disassembly or reassembly furniture or even just larger items only! 

I have even hired movers to help me relocate furniture from an upstairs room to a downstairs room so rest assured that they’ll help with a move either big or small!

You will also find great tips and resources on how to stay organized during a move on their website.

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Want more great ideas? Be sure to check out ideas for your new home!

Be sure to let me know your best moving tip below!

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