One Room Challenge Week Four – Guest Room/Nursery

Here we are at Week Four in the One Room Challenge and we’ve made some good progress but we’ve still got a ways to go.

Which could be because I’m allowing myself to be distracted.

Partly by wondering why we call a baby’s room a nursery.

I had four girls and it never crossed my mind to wonder that but when I sat down to start sharing progress photo’s, well, I went down that rabbit hole.

It was also possibly a distraction from what I really should be doing. Paint touchup, organizing my supplies, taking better photo’s. Not watching TikTok. You know.

Things that aren’t time suckers.

Instead I give you this.

The dictionary definition:

nursery (n.)

c. 1300, noricerie, “place or room for infants and young children and their nurse,” from Old French norturenorreture “food, nourishment; education, training,” from Late Latin nutritia “a nursing, suckling,” from Latin nutrire “to nourish, suckle” (see nourish). From c. 1500 as “place where anything is fostered.” As a type of school for very young children, 1580s. The horticultural sense of “place where trees are raised to be transplanted” is from 1560s. Nursery rhyme is by 1807.

So there’s your word for the day!

Or several since it also leads into nourish and foster. Plant nursery, nursery rhyme. There’s an entire rabbit hole to escape into right there.

Back to the original thread here.

Week Four Progress

Last week we finished the ceiling in the guest room/nursery. After we finished painting we were able to install the fan and put the smoke detector back.

I haven’t figured out a solution for the white smoke detector other than to think it only bothers me and no one else will notice it.

For now that’s going to be the solution.

Really that will probably always be the solution and it will probably always annoy me. Not enough to figure out how to change it though.

The paint is finished and the new fan with light makes a huge difference.

Light actually appears when you turn it on now.

Just like it’s supposed to.

It’s an actual light instead of a faint glow now.

The shiplap ceiling is stained and the ceiling fan is installed.

It looks fantastic as well!

We will be adding more lighting that can be adjusted in this room, but the overhead lighting is pretty handy.

The paint is a very similar color to the shade that was in the space previously. It’s a shade lighter and has a more yellow undertone instead of the purplish hue that was in there but it’s still a pretty subtle difference.

The real difference is the Mural!!!

The Mural – Week Four Progress

The mural is what started this whole project in the first place.

I found this mural last year and bought it even though I wasn’t sure where I’d use it.

A new house and new decor gave me plenty of possibilities.

New grandbaby’s gave me even more ideas.

The first panel installed in the wall mural for Week Four One Room Challenge Guest Room/Nursery.

We have found that adding floor underlay to the walls is an inexpensive and quick way to add wallpaper or a mural to a space.

If I change my mind in the future (even though I’m sure I won’t) it’s easy to remove and there’s very little repair to the wall.

The texture is behind the wood and there are just a few nail holes to fill.

Here is the mural in all it’s glory.

Not the best photo of the amazing mural in our guest room/nursery.

I am in love.

I’m so excited to keep working in this space because this mural is incredible!

The colors are fantastic and the design is amazing.

It’s perfect for this space.

It’s going to look amazing when I get the furniture put back and get the rest of the decor.

And paint the closet.

I didn’t actually get to that yet but it is still on the list. And there’s still time to get it done so it’s definitely going to get accomplished.

Mostly because I also bought a new light fixture for the closet and it needs to be painted before it can be installed.

Also, I can see the mural from inside the closet so I can be inspired while I’m working on that project.

Lastly, here is the current view from the hallway.

Project view halfway through the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge.  New paint, shiplap ceiling and paint so far.

The dresser is too heavy for me to move on my own and since I left the blinds propped open I’m having a tough time taking photo’s without a glare.

We found a couple of spots on the ceiling that the paint needed touch up but I’m hoping that we got them all.

Once I move that tall ladder out of there it’s job is done.

Once I set the bed up I won’t be able to get that tall ladder back in there again without taking the bed apart.

Plans for Next Week

Moving on from Week Four we are at the fun stage of this project. Well almost.

This week’s plans:

  • Paint the Closet (boo)
  • Install new light in the closet
  • Remove Plantation Shutters on lower Windows (and figure out where to store them)
  • Add plugs on either side of the bed
  • Put the bed together and move dresser back into space

We have a couple of small construction things left in the room but we’re past the really messy part. I think.

Unless something changes this week so stay tuned.

Adios Week Four and onto Week Five!

We are doing this project as part of the One Room Challenge. This event happens twice a year and Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner. But they’re not the only great sponsors.

The talent is amazing and the projects are inspirational. Be sure to check them out!

Here are the links to the featured designers and if you click on the gold logo above it will take you to the guests that are participating.

Albie Knows| At Home with Savvy | Beth Diana Smith | Eclectic Twist| Erika Ward Interiors

From House to Home| G. Lebron Interiors | Goldalamode | Home Made by Carmona| Impeccable Nest

Jeweled Interiors| Joyful Designs Studio| Joy Street Design | Our Fifth House| Peony & Honey

Pinch Plate Party | Rebecca Propes | Reem’s Design | Saudah Saleem Interiors | Whitney J Decor

Media BH&G | TM ORC

You can see the original design plans revealed during Week One or click HERE.

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