One Room Challenge Week 6 – Can I add a bathroom update?

How can we already be to week six in this challenge? And why did I wait until now to decide that adding in the en-suite bath to the project was a good idea? That a bathroom update would be an easy addition?

Just a refresher if you haven’t been following along, we are participating in the One Room Challenge.

This event happens twice a year and Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner. But they’re not the only great sponsors. If you click on the logo below it will take you to the progress of the guest participants.

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Be sure to check out some of the amazing projects.

Later this week I’m going to share a few of my favorites!

Is it too Late to add another room?

We have finished the construction part of the guest room/nursery. I’ve painted, and painted, and painted. The closet is now freshly white with a new (brighter) light fixture. The bedroom is is a creamy off white that showcases the amazing mural we installed.

We’ve added trim to the mural, curtains and art. Now we are working on the nightstands that will go on either side of the bed.

Mr. Fix It is making my nightstands since the space is so narrow. I had an idea of what I wanted so after some high tech measuring, some brainstorming and some sketches; they’re in the works.

We are currently waiting for the light fixtures to be delivered and the paint to dry on these to call them finished.

Here is a sketch and my not-at-all precise measurements for the nightstands. They will have a switch/plug combo on them so that you can read or charge your phone. I think having those plugs right next to the bed is super convenient for guests.

It’s a little bit like a hotel.

Which brings us to the bathroom update

I think I need to back up a little bit and tell you a few things about our house.

This time last year we were planning to build a new home. We had purchased property, met with a couple of builders and sketched out some plans.

Fast forward to this spring and boy do things change fast around here.

We sold the property and our house and moved into a new house. The house that includes the project we’re working on now.

It’s a big house. It is mostly tile floors.

So much tile.

Tall ceilings.

Lot’s of things to love about this house. It’s really a great house!

Anyway…….I agreed to no major projects on this house. So in our book – major would be tearing down walls, completely gutting the kitchen, etc.

One thing that we are not planning to change is the tile throughout the house. Is it my favorite? Nope. Would I prefer wood? Yep.

But it’s already here. It’s in great shape. It also does an amazing job at hiding dirt, doggy footprints and it’s super easy to keep clean. I also have no worries about it getting ruined. (Which I might with wood).

Back to the Bathroom Update

I share all that so that I can tell you this.

The tile is staying. The mirror is staying.

The mirror is glued to the wall and removing it will cause damage to the drywall. That damage can be repaired but there’s also no real reason to remove the mirror. I don’t hate it.

The vanity, top and tiles will remain. The light, well, I think we’ve got a plan to update it.

It involves paint. And some new light covers.

Guest bath vanity, mirror and light that are all staying.  Vanity will be painted for our bathroom update.

So to update the bathroom it’s mostly paint.

The vanity has black distressed paint. At this point in its life the distressed paint just makes this vanity look worn out. It definitely needs an update.

We also removed the glass surround around the tub and are planning to replace it with a shower curtain.

The tub in this bathroom is a garden tub and is much taller than a standard tub. Adding the sliding doors on top of that makes is hard to get in and out of.

My family is tall.

Everyone is well above 5’7″ so if they tell me that it’s hard to maneuver I have to believe that it would be even harder for someone who isn’t as tall. Like kiddo’s. Or Uncle Steve.

Guest Bath Before - with tub surround

Just add Paint

Paint is once again going to be our friend for this transformation.

It’s a small room.

In theory that would make it so much easier to finish. In reality it makes it almost impossible to place a ladder where I can reach the corners so it should be another back breaking job.

Oh and crown moulding.

Also not an easy job in this space but I think it will add a lot once we get the paint going.

The bathroom partway through its update.  Tub surround has been removed and crown moulding has been added.

Doesn’t the tub look great without the glass doors as well?

It certainly made this space look and feel a lot larger when we removed that.

Bathroom Update Plans

So we’ve installed crown moulding.

Or rather, Mr. Fix It installed it and I watched.

I’ve picked out a piece of art and a rug for the space.

The bathroom art chosen for the update.  MySimpaticoLife.com

The art is a print so I’ll need to have it framed but I love all the bright colors.

Rug chosen for the bathroom update.

I was hoping that I’d have the rug so that I could choose paint colors but it keeps getting delayed.

At this point I’m just hoping that it will arrive. It would be great if it gets here quickly but the way things are shipping right now I’m going to settle for before Thanksgiving.

That’s probably the next time that this room is going to have a big workout anyway.

So I’ve got to make a decision on paint.

I’m thinking blue.

That’s as far as I’ve made it.


Of which there are approximately a million different shades.

But the decision will be made tomorrow because I’m going to purchase paint tomorrow.

So if you stay tuned for next week you’ll get to see what shade I chose.

Or if you watch my Instagram stories you’re likely to get a sneak peek.

A bonus photo

Here’s a photo of the closet while I was painting it. Because closets aren’t that exciting.

White paint sure does make it look clean and bright in here though.

The guest closet half painted.

Plans for Next Week

Well we’re waiting on a few pieces to finish the bedroom. The closet is finished. The bathroom is just getting started. Here’s the list of what needs to get done to keep on track:

  • Build and install night stands
  • Figure out which pillows to use on the bed
  • Choose paint for the bathroom update
  • Paint the bathroom
  • Have art framed

I’ve got a couple of weeks left to get it all finished and it’s coming along nicely. The only thing stalling is me making decisions.

Which is why I do better with a deadline.

Be sure to check out Week One to see what this project started as.

And don’t forget to check back next week to see what’s happening with the bathroom update.

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