10 Colorful Instagram Accounts I Go To for Design Inspiration

There are lots of interior design accounts that I love to follow but these are my favorite colorful instagram accounts. These people use bold and bright colors and provide me with lots of inspiration!

It’s no secret that I love decorating with color!

Since we moved last summer I’ve been moving in slow motion on ideas for our new home. It looks lovely with all of it’s beige, but it’s just not my style.

It also includes large rooms (yay!) with very tall ceilings (yay!). I no longer have rooms that I can finish with a gallon of paint. The first full room I painted took over 3 gallons to convert the beige walls and ceiling to white.

White is definitely my favorite backdrop to add color to.

I’m also seeing a lot more bold colors at the design markets so I think we’re on track to move away from only white and adding back in more color to our decor in general.

Which will hopefully make color inspiration easier to find!

I’ve spent a lot of time on social media and Pinterest tracking down photo’s and decor ideas and I’m going to share some of my favorites with you.

Once you’ve checked out my favorites, let me know yours! I’m always on the lookout for great accounts to follow!

If you click on the account name it should take you straight to the instagram account! Links to the designers websites are below their photo’s.

My favorite colorful Instagram Accounts (as of today)

I know that this is a short list and there are many great accounts out there. These just happen to be the ones that pop up on my home feed everyday.


Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors in her home.  A favorite colorful instagram account to follow.
Jewel Marlow in her home

Jewel Marlowe is an interior designer in the DC area and she shares her home and projects on instagram as well as her blog, Jeweled Interiors. I was fortunate to meet her last year and acted like an idiot fangirl because I love her designs so much!

I’m also a sucker for a great before and after and she shares those, along with process shots so you can follow an entire project. I have so many of her projects saved in my app!

You’ll find lots of photo’s of her own home along with client projects and in her stories there’s shopping and family life. Real life.


Courtney of Zig and Co has an amazing colorful instagram account.
Courtney from Zig and Co.

Courtney Zelig is an artist and exploded on Instagram when she started sharing photo’s of her home and her project updates. Her entire home boasts bold colors and fun patterns and if you’re local to Kentucky you can shop her booth at Fleur de Flea. She often shares swoon worthy items that she’s adding to her booth and I find myself wishing I lived closer so that I could go check them out!

If you’re looking for a colorful instagram account that loves to mix patterns and bright colors you’ve definitely found her!


Andrea at Lost Orchid Interiors is a colorful instagram account to follow
Andrea of Lost Orchid Interiors

Andrea left her corporate gig to found her interior design business in 2020. Her purpose is to help people find joy in design and build a sanctuary that embraces their authentic selves.

Andrea embraces maximalism on her colorful instagram account feed and in her life. Her striped sofa makes me smile every time I see it and I enjoy the colorful projects that she shares.


Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles is a colorful instagram account to follow
Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles

Jennifer showcases her lovely home from Oklahoma and her love for blue and white, green, and hot pink. So you can obviously see why I find her instagram feed amazing.

Her blog and her instagram both showcase plenty of DIY’s to help anyone achieve bold color. Sometimes all you need is spray paint and some thrifted items!

Jennifer is also a talented seamstress but isn’t afraid to use glue or hem tape to save time. Definitely my favorite kind of DIY’er. Be sure to check her out!


Jenna Buck Gross of Colordrunk Designs is a colorful instagram account to follow.
Jenna Buck Gross of Colordrunk Designs

Jenna is an interior designer in the Atlanta Georgia area and shares bold colors and patterns that she uses in homes. Her motto is “your life. in color.” and she definitely shares all the colors on her instagram page.

She started off in fashion and is an expert at combining patterns. She offers different design packages including e-design on her website which means she can help you out with design even if you’re not in the area.


Missy at Sonata Home Design is a colorful instagram account to follow!
Missy of Sonata Home Design

Missy has a beautiful classic home that she is infusing with layers of colors and patterns. Her dog Bentley is along for all the projects and to help present her Friday Finds that she shares in her stories.

On her blog you’ll find home decor and DIY’s along with some fashion and recipes. All styled beautifully and colorfully. Look for her wallpaper to show up in all kinds of places – the backs of bookshelves, art pieces and even wrapping paper.


Follow At Charlotte's House for pattern mixing and a bright and colorful home.
Charlotte from At Charlotte’s House

Charlotte Smith is a fearless DIY and decor maverick. I am constantly in awe as I watch her create giant holiday decorations or figure out how to build window decor for a friends store.

If you follow along in stories you’ll get an overview of all the projects that are constantly happening at Charlotte’s House (pun intended), along with her family and some step by step tutorials. She will also share where she made mistakes so that you can see the entire process, not just the pretty parts.

If you’re looking for a colorful instagram account and someone who’s not afraid to mix patterns or try a DIY then this is definitely one to follow!


Dani of Dazey Den, Dani Dazey and Dazey LA is a multi-talented instagrammer.
Dani of Dazey Den

I’m not sure where to start on Dani of Dazey Den. She decorates in saturated colors and patterns and not just interiors. I can easily go down a rabbit hole with all of her talent.

Dani started as a fashion designer and as she reached success in that field she branched out into interior design. She’s been featured in several publications and will be introducing a fabric/furniture collaboration with Joybird as well as designing a motel that will be featured on Discovery +!

Y’all, if I could just bottle up a little bit of her energy I’d be light years ahead. When you click through to her instagram make sure to visit all the links to her other projects to get the full story!


Shauna Glenn Design is a colorful instagram account to follow
Shauna of Shauna Glenn Design

Shauna started her career as a writer and has taken her passion for interior’s to a new level. She loves bold. Bold colors and bold patterns and loves to mix them and bring out interiors that will make you smile.

She shares before and after’s so that you can really see how much color can change up a space. And wallpaper. There are lots of wallpaper projects to enjoy as well.

She also shares many of her resources along with paint colors and styles that she uses!


Lissi from Oxfordone and This Girls Loves Colour

Lissi started like most people on her decor, using all the shades of gray. You might choose white or some other neutral but eventually a color lover will find that their decor just doesn’t fit them. Their home needs more color to feel more like their own home.

Follow along on her journey to add colors and pattern in her home. She even mixed bright green grout for a project because she couldn’t find the color she wanted to purchase!!

A Couple of Hashtags I also Follow

I also have a couple of hashtags that I sometimes search to find inspiration:

And there you have it. A little inspiration for you to check out!

These are the colorful instagram accounts that I wanted to share right now but I’d love it if you’d share your favorites with me. I know there are lots of other great and inspiring accounts and I’d love to see who your favorite’s are.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest for more inspiration!

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