The 10 Most Inspiring Patio Makeovers for the Best Backyard

Here are the best inspiring patio makeovers you’ll find – I’m scouring Pinterest to find all the patio inspiration because I love a good before and after don’t you?

Well I’m sure that there’ve been a lot of porch and patio makeovers since 2020 because we’ve all spent a lot more time at home.

Of course I missed getting ours finished last year so 2021 is going to be the year of the patio in our house.


In our house we generally host guests on the weekends since we’ve got a swimming pool. But since we spend so much time by the pool I tend to neglect the upper deck and porch.

Even though that’s the most used part of the patio since it’s where we eat and go in and out.

Well that’s about to change.

Since this year is the year of color inside the house, I think we can also extend it to the outside of the house.

And really, since our huge freeze in February (Texas weather) we have to replace everything that was in a pot.

And probably a few things that were in the ground as well.

Landscaping is definitely going to be an adventure in Texas this year since the entire state suffered the freezing temperatures.

That’s where all the fun research for these patio makeovers comes in!

Patio Before and Afters

I went immediately from recovering from the freeze to spring fever.

Spring usually strikes early around here and I’m all for it. I always say that spring is my favorite season.

Especially after the freeze that we had here. We are all ready for some sunshine!

If you’re looking to update your outdoor space this year then you’re going to love these transformations.

I found most of them on Pinterest and I’ll be sharing each patio makeover on my instagram stories as well, so be sure to check those out!

Follow along for lots of inspiration and be sure to check out these projects for more DIY and budget friendly ideas that you can use in your space!

Let’s get started on the inspirations!

Be sure to click through to the projects to see all the before and progress photo’s!

A Stenciled Tile Floor

This is one of my favorites and the very first inspiration picture that I saved.

Dabito from Old Brand New created this amazing spot for entertaining! The stenciled floor has filled my brain up with all kinds of possibilities and ideas on how to update our concrete patio.

But it doesn’t stop there, plenty of plants and the rich black paint really make this a showstopper.

That floor though!

Patio with stenciled floor
Old Brand New

Spray Paint Stenciled Patio

Here’s a less back breaking way to stencil the concrete and it uses a much more subtle pattern.

I can say that I like this pattern as much as the one featured on Old Brand New but the real winner in this photo is the stock tank pool.

I mean seriously. Just for the photo’s alone.

If I didn’t already have a pool in my backyard I would definitely be adding one of these.

If you’ve got room for a small pool in your yard then this is definitely the way to go – less maintenance and the expense can’t even compare to an inground pool.

Check out all the links for more ideas and DIY’s on Lolly Jane.

Patio with a stock tank pool
Lolly Jane

Updated Decor Before and After

Lucy from Craftberry Bush always has amazing decor and crafts to share and her before and after is no less impressive.

She shows what beautiful styling can do to make your patio look more inviting and showcases some lovely additions to her patio.

She’s full of fun DIY’s and crafting so be sure to check out some of her other ideas!

Patio seating area
Craftberry Bush

Design in a Small Space

This is by far one of the most impressive designs that I’ve seen.

Here they’ve managed to take a 180 square foot patio – that’s L shaped – and make it functional for more than just dining.

A lot of thought and creativity went into this project but it’s a great example of showing how you can use a small space to entertain.

And you can do it on a budget, many of the items that are used are from Ikea.

Check out this great patio – and be sure to visit all the before and after’s from The Design Souk.

small patio update
The Design Souk

An Entire Backyard Before and After

I really love what Studio DIY did with this entire space – they’ve created spaces for the whole family.

Room for lounging, a fire pit, a yard and it’s well designed and easy to see.

One of my favorite things about reading through this project is that they shared their thought process on the products they chose, and they also shared what they are happy with and what they regretted when the project was finished.

I love the floor and of course I love all of the bright colors!

updated patio
Studio DIY

Another Stencil Patio Makeover

This isn’t just a stencil project but you can see where my mind is going with all these.

This is actually a full backyard makeover and there are plenty of before and after photo’s on Kindred Vintage.

Not only did they stencil the patio but they also created an outdoor space where there was just a swath of dirt before. Check out all her other creative before and after’s on her blog.

Patio and Yard update
Kindred Vintage

Creating an Outdoor Space Before and After

This backyard makeover is amazing.

The space looks pretty shaded and basically started off with very little landscaping or hardscaping.

This is another one that I completely enjoyed reading because Style Bee shared so much information. There are inspiration photo’s, plans and ideas all included.

The black fence though. I’ve been seeing more and more black fences and I have to say I’m really starting to like them….

In this project I think the black fence really brings the wow factor to all this deck space!

deck with black fence
Style Bee

Decks, Patios and Pavers

Here is another fantastic backyard makeover.

It was pretty bare bones to begin with and the before and after’s are full of details and inspiration.

I love that the deck has different levels to it and some of the project was hired out and some was DIY. SG Style is a great place to get lost in projects because it’s so full of inspiration.

But I love all these hanging basket lights so much!!!

Patio with basket lights
SG Style

From Eyesore to Amazing

This project by Sima Spaces is a DIY backbreaker.

From removing an old concrete patio to installing pavers and a privacy fence there are a ton of projects featured here.

I love the realistic view of how long the project took (spoiler: more than one season) and there’s no end to the inspiration here.

patio update
Sima Spaces

Custom Seating for a Patio Makeover

Room for Tuesday has so many posts about their fantastic backyard makeover that I wasn’t really sure where to start.

They’ve made their entire yard into a paradise for entertaining and they’ve added a pergola, a pavestone patio and a custom built sofa.

My daughter and SIL recently started on a stucco sofa similar to this one so I decided to share it and hopefully we’ll be able to share their’s soon.

stucco sofa on patio
Room for Tuesday

What do you think of these Patio Makeovers?

I mean did you even make it to the end of the list?

There were so many great ideas to filter through and I’ve got all kinds of ideas floating around in my head now!

I love a great before and after and I hope you enjoyed these.

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  1. Afton Jackson says:

    The fact that patio foundations can be stenciled with lots of different patterns and designs really piques my interest. With how large our backyard is, I can see this being a great way to add an extra layer of style and flair to that area. I’ll work with a concrete expert so we can lay out a good foundation for designs like these.

    1. So glad you liked it and we’d love to see what your idea turns out to look like!

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