One Room Challenge – Week Two

This week we are sharing our week two design decisions for the One Room Challenge. We are guest participants this year!

To say that we’re getting a late start on our bathroom renovation might not be an exaggeration at this point. We are one week in and haven’t started the demo work yet.

However, we’ve finished several other small projects while we’ve procrastinated our way into getting this one rolling. So that’s a win win.

We have mades some actual progress on this project though!!

I ordered wallpaper and it’s in production. It’s not the wallpaper from my idea board either. I have shared a photo of it below with the new paint colors I’m looking at.

Wallpaper Styles

I know that the peel and stick wallpaper seems like such a great idea and so easy to use but maybe not so much. It’s a great idea and easy to use if it’s going on a small area or an accent wall. When you try to cover a large area it can get pretty tricky. I mean, regular wallpaper can too, but it’s a little more forgiving than a gigantic sticker.

We did a few accent walls in our shop a few years ago and it took far more patience than I had expected. It also didn’t work well on spots that weren’t perfect, and really, who has perfect walls?

Also, if you price them out, you’re going to find that regular wallpaper might be a better deal (some of it) than a gigantic sticker.

Anyway – I fell in love with this wallpaper:

Then I researched and found the pattern and colors and fell more in love with it.

Then I priced it and it’s well beyond the budget for this project.

The wallpaper is Bird &Thistle by Brunschwig and Fils. I spent a lot of time looking at a lot of their designs and lusting after them, but that’s for a future home. That’s a definite design decision I didn’t want to have to make.

I’ll also share in the future about how we chose wallpaper and how to measure your space for wallpaper. There are lot’s of great calculator’s that you can find, but it’s helpful to know how to measure so that you can be extra sure that you’re getting the right amount.

It’s also important to measure correctly so that those online calculators will give you the correct answers.

Goals for this week:

Even though I feel like we’re a bit behind on our project we have actually made some progress and we’ve got some big plans for this week!

Projects to complete this week:

  • Demo – remove vanity, toilet and tub and tile surround (floor tile is staying as long as we don’t damage it while removing everything else)
  • Install new Tub and Tile

The tub and tile have arrived so that will make this project go a little quicker. Tearing out the old tile and replacing the cement board is not going to be a fun project though.

Design Changes for Week 2

Of course I had an idea of the direction I was going and then I started ordering items and designs changed.

Ordering certain items is challenging right now. Material prices have gone up and shipping times are pretty fluid.

So here are the new design decisions. Well no, these are actually more ideas. The palm tree and monkey wallpaper is on order but the fabrics are ideas.

Design Decisions for One Room Challenge -

The tub has arrived and it’s a very exciting white tub!! I mean it’s actually really exciting since the existing tub is off white and also discolored with some yellow and pink stains on it. A nice clean white bath tub is going to be a welcome change.

White subway tile will surround the tub all the way to the ceiling. We’ll do a grey grout so that it’s not too dark in there, but also not so hard to keep clean.

We will also be building in a nice nook to store shampoo’s and soap’s. Now all of these will have a space that’s actually designated to hold them instead of that silly over the showerhead thing that never hangs right. It certainly never looks right either.

The wallpaper with palm trees and monkey’s has been ordered and will hopefully not be delayed too much. Certainly some of the wallpaper I looked at took 6-8 weeks to arrive so it definitely wouldn’t have worked. This one said 7-10 days and I’ve received an e-mail that it’s delayed already so finger’s crossed that it will arrive in time!

I have a date with my mom to go look at fabric tomorrow. This is another area that I’m hoping we’ll be able to get in time – but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that will coordinate well for the window and the shower curtain.

Colors for the Vanity

My original design for the vanity is in a pale blue color and now I’m visiting some other color ideas. We haven’t made a decision yet but here’s what we’re looking at.

Color Ideas for the Vanity - week 2 design decisions One Room Challenge Fall 2020 -

I had originally picked out the aqua blue for the bathroom but I also thought a cobalt blue would be gorgeous. Then I saw this parrot green and it’s such a great impact! Those gold knobs too….

Well that design decision won’t be made yet but I thought I’d share a bit of the ideas floating around currently.

Did you notice how the colors change the wallpaper a bit? They draw out a little difference in the shades with the accent colors.

That green though.

Follow Along on Our Journey

If you want to visit each week then you can follow along on our journey here:

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Follow All the Other Participants

The One Room Challenge is in full swing!

If you are new here, welcome, welcome! I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by to check out the project! This is such a fun even that showcases so much talent and creativity.

Each Wednesday you will see the 20 featured designers’ current progress and on Thursdays 150 plus guest participants link up their rooms. Click here to see this week’s featured designers and Click here to see the guest participants

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