The Best Summertime Porch Decor from Target

It’s never too late to get your summertime porch finished and you can find all the patio furniture and all the patio decor you need from Target. Don’t miss out on the last of your best summer because there’s still plenty of heat left!

So much heat left here in Central Texas.

It’s been a doozy this year and we’ve still got quite a ways to go before we get back into any kind of reasonable temperatures.

But back to the shopping!

I’ll admit that there were some great deals on Prime Days and I certainly do my share of online shopping.

But there’s still nothing like going into a store and sitting on the furniture. Feeling the throw pillows and throws to see which one is the softest.

Trying on the clothes.

Wait, I’m not supposed to be talking about clothes.

But let’s face it, you can get just about everything you are looking for inside a Target.

Am I right?

I’m also a huge fan of the Jungalow line and the Opalhouse lines at Target.

I’m not afraid to admit that I really like the Pillow Fort line as well. They’ve always got the bright colors and soft throws.

They’ve also got a few really cute lamps and shelves over there in the kids section so be sure to check it out.

Is it strange that I find myself shopping the kids section? That seems to be where most places hide all their bright colors!

I also need to mention right here that this post is not sponsored by Target but I may receive a small commission if you click on any of the links and buy something! (Don’t worry it doesn’t cost you a thing!)

Summertime Porch Decor - Can you Guess where it came from?  Most of it's from Target!

Here a few of my Favorite Summertime Porch Accessories

You may know that I’ve spent a lot of time this summer adding furniture and accessories to our porch.

Not just the porch, but also the pool deck and the cabana as well.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time waiting on furniture to be delivered and throw pillows to be back in stock.

I’ve bought a few pillows thinking I’d see what worked and return the rest but instead I would up keeping most of them.

Okay, I kept them all.

This house still absorbs a lot of decor.

I’m good at measuring and working out details, but I’ve also been known to grab stuff when I’m overwhelmed and hope it will work.

Most of the time it does, but sometimes it’s not so great.

Case in point

I bought a giant bust while I was out of town.

I knew it was big and I knew I wanted a big bust for our house.

I didn’t bother measuring it.

I didn’t think about where I was actually going to place it when I got home.

And my dog is scared of it.

You can see it on this TikTok if you’d like to check it out!

I probably need to make a video with people in it just so you can see how big it really is!

So I’ve completely wandered off the subject and here’s the real list!

Summertime Porch – All the Goods from Target

I’ve got a photo below with items that I’ve found and some that I own, or that I really want to own.

Below that is a carousel for you to shop the items!

It may have a couple that aren’t on the photo but are similar and I like to add more since a lot of patio furniture and patio accessories are on sale right now.

Which is hard to believe since we’ve still got so much summer left.

The Best Summertime Porch Decor Finds from Target - lots of them are on clearance now!

So which one is your favorite?

I definitely need to get the green lanterns.

They come in three sizes and they will look great just about anywhere in my house! Or outside my house.

If you follow me on the social’s you’ll see a few of these thing make an appearance and if you don’t be sure to give me a follow and join the fun!

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