How to Make the Most of your Design Budget

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can figure out a way to show off your style and personality in your home! Here are a couple of tips to help you make the most of your design budget!

I think one of the biggest mistakes we make when decorating is thinking that we “can’t afford” a certain look or style that we’ve seen somewhere.

On Pinterest. In a magazine or a catalog.

Even in someone else’s home.

The great thing is that we can use all these ideas that we collect to inspire our spaces.

Use them as the idea behind the feeling you want to create and then use your design budget to bring that feeling to life in your space.

Every space has a budget attached to it.

A larger house may have a larger budget, but it’s still a number that influences choices.

A small budget means you get to be more creative.

And that’s where the magic happens in your decor!

How to make the most of your design budget.
A pretty vignette of a sofa and table with a lamp, mirror and accessories.

Start with the thing that makes you go Wow!

Well, that might actually be the second thing.

The first thing you need to do when you decorate or redecorate a room is figure out exactly what that room needs.

If it’s a living room it needs seating. A bedroom needs a bed.

Those kinds of decisions.

I don’t know anyone (personally) that has a lot of room in their house to waste. And frankly, why would you?

Your home is meant to be lived in.

All of it.

So make it work hard for you and make it live beautifully for you.

Back to the Wow Factor

Use your budget on the wow.

If you’ve got a great view then use your budget to direct attention to the view.

If you are decorating a bedroom pick out bedding or throw pillows that make you smile.

In a living room you can find a fantastic area rug or some amazing throw pillows that will give your room that amazing touch.

Or it can be a piece of art that your kid drew.

It can be anything that inspires you and makes you smile.

I’m definitely not advising you to use your entire budget on one item.

A gorgeous rug isn’t going to be too comfortable to sit on if you spend all your money there and can’t afford a sofa.

I am saying that you shouldn’t be afraid of spending a little extra on something unique and special.

Use Your Creativity to Stretch Your Design Budget

If you have a smaller design budget then you’re definitely going to have the chance to get creative.

Don’t be afraid to try and DIY!

You can paint!

You might not like to paint but I assure you that you are capable of painting.

You can paint a wall and you can also paint furniture.

Paint is one of my very favorite ways to change things up!

It’s also one of the least expensive ways to change a space.

If you’re not ready to repaint a whole room, why not try an accent wall?

And accent wall can be a great way to try a new color without a huge commitment. You can paint it in the morning and have your room put back together in the afternoon.

You also might also be surprised at how easy some upholstery jobs are.

Replacing seat cushions on dining chairs, recovering a bench or even a headboard are good projects to try if you’re nervous about your skills.

This is your chance to try your hand at a project!

If you need some inspiration just check out Pinterest for some ideas.

If you need some information you can find tons of “how to” videos on YouTube.

Would you believe I watched a video on YouTube last week and was able to repair our dryer without having to call someone out to do it for me?

I’ll admit that I was prepared to call a repair man but I also figured if it didn’t work I had nothing to lose.

Two videos on YouTube later (about 15 minutes of watching) and it took less than 10 minutes for the repair. Money saved and confidence earned.

The worst case scenario would have been trying it and still having to call someone for a repair but it all worked out.

Once upon a time I didn’t know how to operate a drill or a saw but I learned.

I learned how to hang wallpaper.

I got better at painting and moved from walls to furniture to just about any surface now.

I’m definitely going to paint tile before this year is over and I’ve been researching a lot on which products will work the best for the project.

Don’t let a smaller design budget be an obstacle for you. Instead let it be an opportunity to think outside of the box!

Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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Stretch your Design Budget by learning some DIY skills.
The Hutch that started off black and got grass cloth lining in the back and a bright blue front.  Accessories are a game changer.

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