My Inspiring Patio Makeover for 2022

I was planning to call this a spring patio makeover but I think it’s also a summer patio makeover because, let’s be honest, very little will change from spring to summer out here. And really, sometimes we skip spring altogether and head right into the heat!

Sweet Potato Vine adds a pop of color to the pots on the patio!
Plants are always a great addition to an outdoor space!

Summer Porch Blog Hop

I’ve also joined with a group of ladies who are all showcasing their porch makeovers and updates so be sure to check all of those out! I’ve included links to their story’s at the bottom so after you check out all my pretty photo’s be sure to check out theirs!

My Patio Makeover

Last year we moved into this house and acquired a giant covered patio with an extremely tall ceiling along with patio surrounding our pool and an outdoor cabana.

I’m not going to lie, the backyard was one of the big selling points on this house for us. It has all the outdoor entertaining space that we wanted so it made it much easier to fall in love with this particular house.

We had a pretty large outdoor area at our previous house but when we sold the house we also sold a lot of the furniture and that included a lot of the outdoor furniture.

So we acquired a giant patio area and needed furniture for it.

Welcome to my patio makeover for 2022!

The Porch when we purchased the house in 2021.

The Patio Makeover Furniture

Of course we started off acquiring furniture for the patio and I was fortunate to find exactly what I was looking for and get it shipped.

Well shipping was an adventure but I’m sure everyone’s well aware of that at this point!

I’m going to focus just on the area outside our doors right now and I’ll share around the pool and the cabana soon.

I really thought I could get it all done but you know that quote about the best laid plans?

So the patio for now!

The Covered Patio

We have two access points to the covered patio. One exits from our eating area and the other from the opposite side which is the bottom of the stairs/garage hallway.

The patio is a little too big for just a dining table but it’s a little snug with a table and full seating area. Mostly because I need to leave walking space around the furniture.

I ordered this set from Target:

Pomelo 7 Piece patio furniture set from Target on my Patio Makeover

And this set from Walmart:

Lilah Furniture set by Better Homes and Gardens - My Simpatico Life

Patio Makeover Details

Of course no space is complete without all the details right?

Here’s a decor tip for you – if you set a deadline and don’t order anything, you are then forced to hit up a few stores and take what you can find.

It’s actually not a bad plan because it takes away some of the decision fatigue.

But back to the patio makeover.

I didn’t order pillows so I hit up a couple of shops to find some that I liked. I really loved some from World Market but they only had two in stock so I grabbed them.

Here’s where I made the mistake.

The Bird Drama

I bought lots of pillows so that I could decide which ones I liked the best and return the others.

My mistake was…

I left them sitting outside on the patio (with the tags still on them) and birds have moved in.

I have two birds that started building a nest in the corner of the patio while we were gone this weekend.

I don’t normally have birds one the porches since we go in and out of the doors so often but we were gone a couple of days and they decided to move in.

So as they flew over my stack of pillows on the way to make a giant mess in the corner, they pooped.

Not just once.

Many little dots on all the pillows.

So now I have a large collection of pillows and I’m going to use them all!

I hope you enjoy the photo’s!

Patio Makeover Photo’s

So here are all the fun photo’s that you’ve been waiting for (with cleaned pillows)! I hope you love what I’ve done and I hope you’ll let me know what you do to your patio to refresh it for the season!

Back Porch Seating Area in my patio makeover
Back Porch Seating

Back Porch Dining
Back Porch Dining

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I’m actually starting to enjoy being silly on TikTok and that’s making it a lot more fun! If you want to see a video of the actual space you can check out the Patio Reveal! I’ve also got videos of the birds and other details.

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  1. Your outdoor space is amazing! That would be a big draw for me too. I love both sets you chose. The colors are so pretty & so you! Happy hopping!

    1. Thank you so much Marie – you know I love all the bright colors! Happy Spring!

  2. Your back porch looks great Traci. The furniture is perfect and that’s too funny about the pillows. Well, funny, not funny. Anyway, you can never have too many pillows. ? I can’t wait to see the rest of your outdoor spaces. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and so nice to meet you and hop with you.
    XO- MaryJo Materazo

    1. Thank you so much MaryJo! I still haven’t figured out the bird situation but I’ve got the power washer back now and that might be it lol. Have a happy spring! Traci

  3. Your patio looks so comfy and relaxing! I like the furniture you chose! Here’s to a great summer! Donna

    1. Thank you for checking it out Donna – Have a happy summer! Traci

  4. I love your furniture! And the colors you picked out! Love them, too! We had a lot of birds at the farm in Illinois. I don’t miss that! Thanks for sharing your patio makeover with us today! So much fun hopping with you!

    1. Thank you for reading this Kimberly! I’ve enjoy the hop and it’s so nice to catch up again! Traci

  5. Traci, what a great spot for entertaining and relaxing. Your bright colors are so perfect for summer. Love the pattern on the tablecloth. So bright and fun. Enjoyed hopping with you.

    1. Carol thank you so much! I enjoyed the hop and it sure did give me the motivation to get this finished! Now I need to get to work on the rest of the patio area! Happy Spring! Traci

  6. Outdoor living at it’s best! Love the colors you chose Traci, so cheerful and happy. Glad we could do this blog hop together. Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy that beautiful patio.

    1. Thank you so much Maria! Thank you for organizing the blog hop, I really appreciate all your work!

  7. You have an amazing outdoor space and you did a great job decorating the area. Looks like the perfect place to entertain friends and family.

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