Boho Home Decor for Your Space

Boho home decor is having a moment right now isn’t it?

I’ve always been a fan of this style because it can go so many different directions.  It’s a great way to combine colors and layers and make a nice inviting space.  Not to mention all the great textures – macrame and tassels.  Yes please.

Let’s talk about what bohemian home decor might include.  Although there are a million different variations of it, I can help you with the basics.

Boho Home Decor plans and ideas to bring this style into your home

What is Bohemian Style Anyway?




mid 19th century: from French bohémien ‘Gypsy’ (because Gypsies were thought to come from Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic), or because they perhaps entered the West through Bohemia).

a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

adjective: bohemian

socially unconventional in an artistic way.

There’s actually a word that rhyme’s with bohemian too, although I had to look it up.  It’s anthemion if you’re curious and it’s an architectural detail.

And there’s your new fact for the day!

Is it any surprise that the antonym of bohemian is conventional and conservative?

I would definitely say Bohemian Style is anything but that!

The Characteristics of Boho Home Decor

Bohemian Style is eclectic, warm, and comfortable.  It has layers upon layers, a mixture of colors and can be either subdued or vibrant.  You can expect to find lots of patterns and textures combined in this style.

Boho Style gets its influence from all different parts of the world and different architectural styles.  It is generally a layered and eclectic look, but don’t confuse that with messy.

The key to pulling off the bohemian look is consistency.

The boho style of today is a much cleaner look than that of the past and it showcases lot’s of warm wood tones and plants.

What bohemian style is not:  monochromatic, sterile, perfect, matchy-matchy.

What bohemian style is:  eclectic, colorful, worldly.

Some of my favorite bohemian designs are by Justina Blakeney.  Her instagram is one of my go-to’s for boho home decor inspiration.  Another of my favorites is The Flamingo and the Fox whose bright and happy interiors always make me smile!

A suzani is a gorgeous piece of fabric that can cover a bed or sofa, be hung on the wall, or used for throw pillows if it's smaller or damaged.
via Urban Outfitters

Bohemian Furniture

Most of the time the furniture that you’re going to see in bohemian style is not what you’re going to find in a furniture store.  This style is made of up “found” objects.

Think vintage pieces and pieces found while traveling.

One of the hallmarks of boho style is the feeling that all the parts have been accumulated over time.  There is often a story to many of the pieces.

Chairs and sofa’s are comfy and have that sink in and stay awhile vibe.  You’re not going to find straight backs and streamlined design in this style.  Floor pillows or cushions are often used and can be stacked for maximum display.

Poufs and upholstered ottomans are also a great option for adding additional seating in this style.


Bohemian Colors

This is a style that embraces color and you can pick any and all the colors that you love.  Layering and combining colors are what it’s all about.

Rich jewel tones are usually the signature colors of this style and you can go bold by covering your walls in the colors, or be more subtle and add them in accents.

Keeping your colors in the same tones helps them work well together, so you’ll want to stay bright or subdued throughout the room.

Bright colors are a hallmark of Boho Home Decor
The Flamingo and The Fox

Suzani’s, tapestries and Ikat’s are popular quilts that you’ll find in boho style and they can be as varied as a wall hanging, a throw, or a bedding coverlet.

In boho home decor black and other very dark colors are used in moderation or not at all, most of the wood that you’ll find is going to be lighter or painted.

Bohemian Textures

One of the things that stands out n boho home decor is that it includes a variety of textures.

You’ll find nubby pillow, chippy paint on the furniture and macrame designs hanging on the walls.

There are so many ways to add texture to a room with throws and pillow or adding a macrame hanger to your plant.

A more is more attitude will give you layers and layers of style.

Boho Home Decor can be neutral if it includes lots of textures
via Article

How to Add Boho Home Decor

If you’re loving the boho home aesthetic then you can certainly go all in on the style.  This can easily be achieved by adding and adding.  Layer on the textures and colors that you love and mix them all together.

In a nod to a more monochromatic boho style just pick natural shades and vary the textures of them in lots of layers and places in your room.

Whichever direction you choose, boho style is a comfortable and homey look that invites your guests to curl up and hang out for awhile.  When you look at boho home decor you’ll either hate it because it looks messy to you, or you’ll love it because it feel super comfortable to you.

Don’t forget the Plants

Plants are a great way to add texture and life to any room and they are a big part of boho style.

Don’t forget all the cool containers that you can use for your plants too.  There are all kinds of pots, baskets and macrame holders to even add interest to your plants.

Plants are a big part of boho home decor
via Pinterest

Add Layers

Layers and layers are a hallmark of this style.

Layer on rugs so that you can include more patterns and colors.  Layer a bright color over a natural color or layer a couple of rugs with different patterns in the same color family.

Add multiple throws to your seating, or cover a portion of your sofa with a suzani and add a throw to the back of it.

Even the lighting is layered in this style.  Overhead lights, table lamps and chandeliers are all included along with candles for mood lighting.  And don’t forget the string lights for an accent.

Kantha Quilts are a great way to add layers to your boho home decor
via Etsy

Add Patterns

Pattern mixing can be tricky but the key in this style is to just keep adding.

Try to pick a few colors to focus on and stick to layering the patterns in those colors only.  Rust and yellow with a bit of navy is a great combination to work with.  Or some red, pink and yellow for a brighter palette.

You can always add in a few solids here and there to give your eye a place to rest.

When you’re searching for pattern ideas try these words:  ikat, suzani, morrocan, mexican, turkish, and Indian.  A few others might be hippie, gypsy and nomadic.

Mixing and matching patterns is a huge part of boho home decor
via Etsy

Shop Vintage

You will be amazed at all the fun things you can find at the vintage shop for boho home decor.  The best part is that chippy wood and gently used items fit right into this style and look like they belong.

Previously loved items add character to your style and are always a great addition.

Small imperfections are embraced in this style and show the passage of time and love.

Always Include Things You Love

I think this including things that you love is the most important part of any decorating style.

Including things that are special and meaningful to you keep your home unique and special.  It will make your home feel more special to you but it also adds character and stories to your rooms.

Add items that you’ve picked up while traveling that remind your of the trip and the joy that you experienced.  This is a great way to add life and memories into your rooms and get to enjoy it on a daily basis.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”    – William Morris

I’m not a big fan of buying decor items just to fill a space.  If you decorate with the things that you love and that are important to you the great stories are already there and more are being built.

A beautiful and comfortable home means taking your time to decorate it and gather all your pieces.  Especially in boho home decor, you’ll rarely find all your pieces in one stop.

Take your time, consider the things that you want and add and edit when you have time.

Live in the house you have now and continue decorating it until you feel that it’s finished.

If it feels great to you then it will feel great to the people that you invite into it too.

Now that you’ve seen it…..

Now that we’ve explored boho home decor how do you feel about it?  Is it a style that you already use or one that you’re starting to incorporate?

We’ve got one room that has quite a bit of boho style to it and we love to use kantha quilts as throws in a lot of our spaces.  And macrame – it’s certainly a fun texture to have around the house.

Be sure to share your ideas in the comments below – did I miss any of the styles to search for?  Or do you have a great account that I need to follow?

Do you know more tips on how to find your unique home decor style?
Always remember that scent is a big part of your decorating too, find out more ways to make your house smell amazing!

Bohemian Style combines a lot of patterns, layers and textures for a nice inviting look

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  1. Hi there! I love your page. Can you tell me how to get this fabric on the front page. Do you sell it?

    1. Hi Felicia:
      I’m not sure which fabric you are looking at. If it’s what’s on the bed those are vintage kantha quilts and they are all different but there are lots to choose from.
      If it’s something else I’m happy to see if I can find a source for you!

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