15 Easy Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing

We’ve got some brilliant ways to make your house smell amazing!

I think that your sense of smell is like a memory to your mind.  The way food brings back a memory of your grandmother or a certain perfume makes you think of your mom.

Having a house that smells good will bring you pleasure whenever you walk into your home.

I like to believe that my kids will think of home when their memory is triggered by a scent, and I sure want it to be a fond memory.

We have lots of dogs in our house and they can fill up a room with pet odor pretty quickly.  Staying ahead of the dog hair is a constant battle but it helps keep our house smelling fresh.  Or at least it keeps it from smelling like dogs.

Aren’t we so lucky that there are mobile vacuum cleaners that run without us having to do the actual work (other than the constant emptying of their oh so tiny containers)?

A Clean House is the first Step

Keeping a house clean is the first step in the battle to a great smelling home.  Making sure the pets don’t take over, keeping the trash emptied and keeping the bathroom(s) and kitchen clean is our first line of defense.

We’ve also got a few tips on how to quick clean right here!

Your House Could have a Signature Scent

“I want my kids to remember the smell of the candles that I always burn and the songs that we have playing. Home is such a sensory thing”  Joanna Gaines

While Joanna Gaines is quoted as saying this, it’s something that we have always observed in our house.  Good food and great music means that a dance party often breaks out after our family dinners.

Great smells, sometimes it’s the amazing food and sometimes it’s a candle, can trigger memories.  But it sounds much fancier when a celebrity says it!

Remember the smell of grandma’s cookies?  Remember that song that takes you right back in time every time you hear it?  That’s what I want for everyone who enters our house.  I want you to have a great time and make a  memory.

I want everyone to enjoy our home and leave with a great memory of time well spent.  –My Simpatico Life

Now let’s get back to the smell-a-ma-goody!

How to Make Your House Smell Good


Candles are by far the most popular method to a great smelling house.

Not only do they smell good but isn’t candle light just romantic?  It’s soft and it flickers.

Not only can your candles make your home smell amazing but they can set a mood too.

We have a few candle scents that we love and I always find it interesting to see what scents other people enjoy.  There’s a particular candle that smells like a spa and it’s just perfect for our bathrooms.  Or even when we just need a “spa” experience.

In our living spaces we change our scents seasonally.  We tend to use a more light floral in the warmer months and more heavy and musky scent in the cooler months.

I never ever burn a candle that smells like food.

Oh they are amazing, sugar cookies, birthday cake, coffee.  They smell just like food!  I know, I know, that’s the point but it just makes my mouth water.  The rule is that if we want a food smell then we cook it!

One of our favorite candle scents is Teak and Oud Wood by Trapp Candles.  It’s got a warm rich scent with a hint of vanilla to it.  Yummy and spicy.


Ways to Make Your House Smell Good Without Candles

Bake Something

Well that just leads us right into baking now didn’t it?  Baking cookies or a cake is a surefire way to make your house smell amazing.  Fresh bread or muffins, yum.

In the fall there’s nothing better than something roasting or a soup simmering to make your house smell good.  And it smells inviting too.

Okay, enough about food because it makes me hungry!

I do have to say that Sugar Free Sprinkles has some amazing Keto Friendly recipes though! (and they’ll make your home smell good too!)


A Simmer Pot

The next best thing to actually baking is making a simmer pot on top of your stove.

In the winter you can add cloves and orange peels to create a wonderful smell throughout your home.  (Side Note – you can also make mulled cider or wine)

In the spring you can simmer sliced lemons with rosemary.  Add a hint of vanilla to make the scent a little richer and deeper and it will definitely get your home smelling amazing just as quickly as it gets warm in the pan.


Brew a Pot of Coffee

Coffee smells amazing and it can fill your home with a wonderful smell.  Flavored coffees can have an even more intense smell that includes vanilla or spices.

Brewing coffee can make your home smell amazing MySimpaticoLife.com

Essential Oil Diffusers

One of our favorite ways to keep a fresh scent in our house is with an essential oil diffuser.  I especially love the diffuser because it’s so easy to use, just add some water and a few drops of essential oil and you’ve got a great scent.

This is another one that’s easy to change up for the seasons.  I love the citrus and herbs in spring and summer and then vanilla and bergamot in the winter.  Try different combinations to see which ones you like the best.


Reed Diffusers

Many candle scents also come in the form of a reed diffuser.  This is a great way to have your lovely scent without having the dangers of a burning candle.

A reed diffuser keeps our scent strong even when we’re not home to keep and eye on a candle, and we don’t have to worry about the dog’s tails and an open flame!

These are great to make our house smell good in the rooms that we’re not in all the time.  Well that’s only one room actually, it’s currently the guest bedroom.  So we leave a reed diffuser in there to keep it smelling fresh all year round.


Wax Melts

Wax melts can be even better than candles since you’re really just warming the wax not burning anything.  That leaves very little wasted when you’re using them and you can purchase them or make your own fresh scents.

You can even melt down the ends of your candles to get the most out of them!

I will purchase wax melts sometimes if I find ones that I love, but I’m always ready for an easy DIY!


Add Essential Oils to A Lightbulb

Add them to your furnace filters too!

Did you know that you can just drop a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil on top of a lightbulb?  This seems like a fairly quickly way to spread a scent throughout your home.  The warmth of the light bulb heats up the oil and spreads the scent.

Of course we haven’t tried this with our new LED bulbs, which aren’t supposed to get warm so we’ll have to update you on whether that works or not.

Add essential oils to a light bulb and the warmth from the bulb will spread the scent throughout your space MySimpaticoLife.com

Fresh Flowers

This is my excuse to always have fresh flowers in the house.

I mean, I don’t have to have an excuse – fresh flowers are a great seasonal accent.  Sometimes I can even make a whole bouquet just out of my garden!

There are flowers that smell amazing.  Lily’s can be almost overpowering at times and roses, yes.

Bring me all the fresh flowers.

And in the winter, greenery brings me the Christmas tree smell all around.

There’s nothing better than an all natural scent to make your house smell good.

A bouquet of fresh flowers, especially roses and lily's can make your home smell amazing WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

Deodorizing Discs

These are a great DIY that uses baking soda to absorb smells.  They can go just about anywhere you might expect an odor, think hampers, trash bins, and any musty spaces.

We like to drop these into our trash bins and then they can just go out with the trash.

You can also add them into a diaper pail and they can go right into the wash with the diapers.

These are an easy and chemical free way to deodorize.


DIY Room Deodorizer Spray

We tried this out and we felt like college kids going to purchase the alcohol to make it.  But the upside is that it’s a quick and easy spray to make.

It’s also nice to know what you’re actually spraying in your home.  Some room sprays contain a lot of chemicals that you don’t want to be breathing, much less spreading all around your home.

Room sprays are a great solution for a temporary stink, like a bathroom.  Or when you empty the trash and it was fine until you actually lifted the bag….yuck.


Scented Cleaning Vinegar

If you’re like me, you use a lot of vinegar to clean with.  And vinegar is, well, you know, a bit strong in it’s scent.

I love it for the power it has to clean items, but man, it does have a strong odor to it.  And if you warm it up, well it’ll make your eyes water.

So we’re going to try making some scented vinegar for cleaning.


DIY Toilet Bombs

Can we just take a minute and say that no one likes cleaning the toilet.  Not just the toilet, all parts of the bathroom, the shower, the sink, you name it.

The bathroom is one area of the house that gets dirty so fast.

And then there’s the issue of all those chemicals that we use.  Along with trying to be a little more “green” in our home, we’re ditching a lot of products that contain chemicals we don’t recognize or don’t want in our home.

This leaves us with some really great, but sometimes really expensive, brands that we love.

Or we can go the DIY route.

Which is almost always pretty easy and these are a great example of an easy DIY that will help you keep your bathroom cleaner and make your house smell good.


Use a Shower Fizzy

This is a bonus because when you put you use a shower fizzy you’re getting a little spa experience, but at the same time you’re making your home smell great.  Or at least your bathroom.

You can DIY a batch of these and they’ll even smell good just sitting in a pretty bowl on your countertop.

Then drop one in the corner of your shower and enjoy a pick me up and a great scent.


Citrus Rind Air Freshener

Did you know that all you need to soak up smells is some salt and a little container for it?

Well, well, well.  Try using a citrus rind as your pretty container and if you want to go crazy fill it with Himalayan Pink Salt to get that pretty color.

This is a great way to use a citrus rind, and once it gets dried up and the salt is crusty it’s a great time to pitch it.  Or actually to compost it!

This is an air freshener that actually absorbs odors, but the citrus does give it a nice scent, and they look super pretty on our kitchen counter.


What’s Your Favorite Way to Make Your House Smell Amazing?

Did we miss any great ideas?  Do you have a go to method for always making your house smell amazing?  We’d love to hear it and if you’ve made any of these DIY’s be sure to share them in the comments below.

Which scents do you prefer floral or spicy scents?  What about the citrus ones?

We switch them out seasonally in our house but I know you’ll have some great ideas too!

And be sure to save this on Pinterest so that you can find it later!

We've got a great list of ideas on how to make your house smell amazing no matter what the season is MySimpaticoLife.com

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