16 Bright and Colorful Christmas Tree Ideas to Copy

If you’re ready to try some brighter colors then you’re going to enjoy all these colorful Christmas tree ideas to decorate with bold and non-traditional colors!

We've got lots of bright and colorful Christmas trees to inspire you! MySimpaticoLife.com

When you don’t want to go with  your traditional green and red Christmas colors what colors do you choose?  Do you match the rest of your home decor or do you take the chance to do something different for the season?

Are red and green still the classic colors of Christmas?  I’m not sure anymore because there are so many other combinations to choose from.  I’ve always envied a white Christmas tree since they showcase their ornaments beautifully, and they fit in with any style.  Of course so does a traditional green tree.

I’m not sure why I’ve never actually bought a white tree, I just stick to the traditional green and just admire all the pretty colors that I see everywhere else.

You’d think that having 4 girls would mean that we’ve had a pink Christmas tree in our past somewhere but that hasn’t happened either.

This year I’m trying out a silver Christmas tree to add something new and colorful to our decor and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It seems like a safe leap out of the traditional green.

So move over green, here are some colorful Christmas tree options to inspire you. We’ve got pink, we’ve got white, we’ve got flocked, and we’ve got a couple of multicolor options that will wow you!

Pink Christmas Trees


A Kailo Chic life is always my first stop when I’m looking for color inspiration.  She uses color everywhere in her home and her pink Christmas tree is a show stopper.

If you’re looking for colorful Christmas trees, or any other kind of colorful decor, you can find it here.


Another place that infuses so much color into their daily lives is Studio DIY.

What could be more fun than a circus animal tree?  I mean that’s taking a simple decoration and covering your whole tree with it.  Of course it looks amazing.

Although once we start eating the cookies the decor will certainly suffer.  At least that pink tree will still be pretty even when it’s empty.


If you’re going to do a themed tree, how about flamingo’s?  I mean if you’re going to have a pink tree then you can definitely include these feathered friends in your decor.

I think if I lived in Florida this would be the theme of one of my trees.  (Or maybe all of them).


Here’s a beautiful MCM (mid-century modern) styled tree that starts with a pink base.  It fits into the home decor beautifully and I love that they’ve continued their style with their Christmas decorations too.

This tree stays on point for the character of the home and all the decor that’s already present.

Source Removed

I’m not sure what my favorite thing about this photo is – the tree or the wrapping paper.  The decorations on the tree are pretty simple but when you take in the whole idea it’s lots of fun.

I think kitsch is a great word to describe these decorations.

White Christmas Trees

A bold and colorful tree can add lots of interest to your Christmas decor MySimpaticoLife.com
via Pinterest

I’m not sure if this tree is white or it’s flocked under all that decor, but it certainly fits the description of bright and colorful.  And Bold.

There seems to be a lot more ribbon than ornaments on this tree and I love the way it all looks together.


Sometimes simple is better. Here’s a great example of letting the tree be the star and just adding some simple decorations so that each one stands out on its own.

The bright colors are eye catching with the white behind them.


Here’s another tree that’s bright and colorful, but also done very simply.  Just a few pops of color make a statement on this tree.

And guess what?  The base of this tree is a recycled tire that was spray painted.  True story.


This tree is a more subtle example of bright and colorful but the pops of pink and turquoise really draw your eye.

We love bright colors in our Christmas decor MySimpaticoLife.com
via Pinterest

This tree is white underneath all the bright colors.  By sticking to a couple of bright tones in green and pink, it keeps the tree looking elegant and not too busy.

I’m not sure that I’m a fan of that tree skirt with this decor, but to each his own.

RAZ always has amazing Christmas tree decor and this one is a favorite MySimpaticoLife.com
via RAZ

This tree is a bold statement of red and white, and how can you go wrong with a Santa theme?  It’s hard to believe that there’s even a tree behind all this decor but it’s a fun themed tree.

We love to see all the RAZ ideas each year because they offer some of the most fun decorating ideas.

A white tree with red ornaments makes a bold statement MySimpaticoLife.com
via Pinterest

I love this red and white decor.  So simple and so beautiful.


Of course your bright ornaments are going to pop when you put them on a white Christmas tree.  This one used to be a green tree before she used spray paint to make it into a white one.

After reading about her spray painting experience I decided to try it on one of our older trees.

She also painted her star topper to coordinate with the tree decorations and incorporate all her bright colors.


This tree is done in such beautiful shades of red, white and blue that I didn’t even realize that was the color combination until I started writing it down.  It’s  a subtle and soft blue that fits perfectly with the other decorations.

I’m going to call it winter blue.

More Colorful Christmas Trees


Aww Sam has made an entire tree out of pom poms.  What could be more fun than that?

And you can pick and choose your colors so that they match whatever decor you like!

This would be a great project for kids, or you can purchase some pom pom garland and wind it around a form to make your own.

It’s so pretty though.  I want one.  I don’t think you can find a more colorful Christmas tree than this.

A pom pom tree is a great way to add all sorts of bright colors to your Christmas Decor - MySimpaticoLife.com
via Etsy

Here’s another example of a pom pom tree, this time using a tree as the base and adding pom poms to it.

I love these ideas and I’m adding it to my future Christmas ideas list.  Which is like all my other lists, growing and growing.

What are your plans for colorful Christmas tree decor?   Did you like the inspiration or do you have some that we’ve missed?  Share it with us in the comments below because we’re always looking for new inspiration and ideas.

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