A Weekend in the Florida Keys

7-mile Bridge to Key West, FL | My Simpatico Life Blog

The 7 Mile Bridge to Key West, FL

Places You Can’t Miss in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, especially Key West, is definitely at the top of my vacation list.  Really, anyplace that has a beach is always at the top of my vacation list.  I am fortunate to have a husband who travels enough to rack up airline miles, hotel points and rental car points.  Every once in awhile I get to take advantage of his travel so that we can enjoy some fun.

If you ever have the opportunity to make the drive from South Florida to Key West you should do it.  The 7 mile bridge is something that everyone should see, the views of the ocean on either side are amazing.  This is not a quick drive, this is a drive to enjoy the salt air and the breeze.

Things to do in Key West

Southermost Point in the USA | My Simpatico Life Blog
The Southernmost Point

We start at the Southernmost Point.  This is the most southern point in the Continental US and it’s located in Key West, at the end of Whitehead Street and South Street.   This is a brightly colored, anchored concrete buoy sitting 18 feet above sea level.  You won’t even need a map to find it.

We stand in the line that seems to always be here, but the upside of that is there’s always someone to take a photo!

When you go, visit early in the day so that you don’t have stand in the  heat too long for your turn.  Be sure to  read the plaque on the Cable House for a history lesson.  Visit with all the people who are standing in line, you may hear some interesting stories.

Willie T Bar in Key West, Florida | My Simpatico Life Blog

Willie T’s

Willie T’s location in the middle of Duval Street makes it a great place to stop while you’re checking out all the shops.  That’s not the only reason to visit Willie T’s though.  The open air restaurant is the perfect place to people watch and their live music calendar is unmatched. Daily drink specials and a wide variety of food have made this spot world famous!

But the best thing is checking out all the dollar bills that are signed and pinned to the walls.

It’s home on Duval Street makes it a great place to stop between checking out all the shops.  Duvall Street gives you a view of  We make our way up and down Duval Street and can’t resist stopping.  There are lots of great shops to check out all up down Duval Street and it’s made for walking so be sure to plan some time to check it out.  And make sure to sign some cash and hang it up in the bar at Willie T’s!  This is paradise indeed.

Island Marker in Key West, FL | My Simpatico Life Blog

Beach Marker Signs

We found several of these wooden beach marker signs around the island.  I took this photo at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic Point and I’ve got the tour of the fort on my list for the next visit.  I found another beach marker outside Half Shell Oyster Bar.  All the food we tried at Half Shell Oyster Bar was delicious and well priced.  Hubs couldn’t resist an inappropriate t-shirt as a souvenir and I’m not going to post any pictures of it.

I took photos of another marker on our way to the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.  Mallory Square is by far the best place to watch the sun go down.

We took a drive by Hemingway’s House and peered into the gardens.  I have added this to our next trip list also.  Did you know that most of the cats on the property have 6 toes?  There’s a fun fact for you.  I can’t wait to see the gardens up close.

Other Place to See in the Keys:

We are ready to binge watch the new season of Bloodline so it was fun to visit a few of the places that we recognize from the show.  You’ve watched Bloodline right?  Why not?  Go now and get your Netflix fired up and catch up on this great show.

Moorings Village in Florida | My Simpatico Life Blog

Bloodline Filming – Moorings Village in Islamorado

Bloodline is filmed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Islamorada called Moorings Village.  We were able to pull down the road to see it but since we weren’t actual guests we didn’t enter the property.  It is just as beautiful through our car window as it appears on the show.  We’ll include that on our bucket list for another trip!  I think we should rent the main house and have a big family party in it!

Alabama Jack's in Florida | My Simpatico Life Blog

Alabama Jacks in Key Largo

We ate a fantastic meal at Alabama

Jack’s.  Several of our friends on Facebook  said to try it and we weren’t disappointed.  Alabama Jack’s isn’t in Key West but in Key Largo, which puts it on the way back to the airport when we head home.  It is our last stop on our trip and I’m so glad we made the time to try it.  The whole place looks like it’s being held together with the bumper stickers patched all around.  The live music is rocking, the beers are ice cold (actual ice flakes in the beer) and the food is delicious and served fast.  I didn’t see an empty table and the band was firing up right when we were heading out.  This was definitely worth the stop and it will definitely be a place we visit again.

Our next stop will be Puerto Rico in July so this beach trip has to hold me over until then – unless there’s another great layover somewhere!

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