How to Make Your Bed (like a magazine)

Today we’re going to focus on all the layers to make your bed look like a magazine but also feel so comfy and cozy that you’ll never want to get out of it!

When it comes to the bedroom there’s no more important piece of furniture in it than the bed!  Am I right?  I mean the bedroom is for sleeping and the bed is a big part of that.

Your bed is likely going to consume the largest part of your floor space in your bedroom.  Unless you have a gigantic bedroom and that’s another thing altogether.

The bed is also going to take up most of your visual space too.

It’s generally the first thing you, or anyone else, notices when you walk into the room.

A well made bed is going to beckon you to come on in and cozy up.  Soft sheets and blankets in layers and comfy pillows make a comfortable bed.

Designers know that adding layers when you make your bed is the best way to make it look beautiful and it’s not as hard as you’d think.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive either!

Making your bed will make your room look clean and tidy too!

Here are some tips on how to layer up your bed!

Start with a Mattress Cover

I see lots of people skip this step and it’s definitely an important step!

A mattress cover protects your mattress from getting dirty and dusty.  You can use an allergy cover if you’re sensitive and it will protect you.  And it can be taken off and washed when needed.

I promise this small investment will be worth it!

And if you’ve got an older or less cushioned mattress this is your opportunity to add a layer of cushion to it.  You can find mattress covers in just about any style!

Start with a mattress cover when you're making your bed. This does exactly what it says - it protects your mattress MySimpaticoLife.com

Add a flat sheet and a fitted sheet

If you want to be super fancy you can use two flat sheets, but since sheets sets come with one fitted and one flat I think that’s the easiest way to go.

So let’s talk sheets!

White is always a classic color, and if you want your bed to look like a hotel bed then white is going to be your favorite.  If you like to change up your pillows seasonally white is a great backdrop for that.

If you love patterned or colored sheets then by all means use them!

It’s your bed after all!

But get yourself some wonderful cotton or percale sheets.  They are breathable and a luxury to sleep in.  Avoid microfiber sheets as they don’t breath and can make you feel warmer at night.

Lay your flat sheet pretty side down so that when you fold it back you’ll see the pretty side!

On a side note – I don’t iron my sheets.  I try to get them straight out of the dryer and onto the bed before they get too wrinkled but do whatever works for you!

Lay a fitted sheet then a flat sheet on your bed MySimpaticoLife.com

Add a duvet

We like to use a down duvet because it’s absolutely dreamy to sleep under.  It works in all seasons.

I use a white duvet and because I use a flat sheet under it and another topper on it I don’t currently have a duvet cover on it.

You can go with a quilt, a blanket, comforter, whatever you’ve got add it here!

A duvet cover is a great addition to a cozy bed MySimpaticoLife.com

Layer on a quilt

This is your pretty layer!

If you’re using a duvet with a duvet cover then feel free to skip this step. and go on to the next step.

We use a lightweight cotton quilt to top off our duvet instead of a duvet cover or sheet.  Here’s why – we’ve got dogs that sleep on the bed.

I love my dogs, but I’m not letting them onto my down duvet and I’m sure not letting them on my sheets.  The quilt protects our duvet from them and washes up easily so I can live with them.

The other thing I love about our quilt is that it’s long enough on the sides to cover our mattress and box springs.  We use a tall mattress and some bedding doesn’t hang long enough, but this quilt does the trick!

We use an inexpensive white quilt to protect our duvet from our dogs MySimpaticoLife.com

Turn down your bed

Turn down about the top 1/3 of your bedding.  This shows off your pretty sheets and will make your bed look more welcoming!

Then tuck everything in.  Go around the bed and tuck so that you have a clean, finished look.

Turning down 1/3 of the bed gives it a pretty finished look MySimpaticoLife.com

Now add pillows!

Start with your sleeping pillows.

We each have a single sleeping pillow on our king size bed.  On our guest beds we have queen size beds with 4 sleeping pillows on each.  This gives our guests a choice on which pillow is most comfortable for them.

Of course we just use the pillow cases that come with our sheet set, because they’re great material and they match.

On my daughter’s bed we have colorful pillow cases.  Again, your bed, you choose!

Put your sleeping pillows behind your decorative pillows when making your bed MySimpaticoLife.com

And more pillows

Here’s where it can be a little tricky.

Remember all those decorating rules?  Let’s just stick with them being guidelines shall we?

We use only euro shams on our bed because that just happens to be what we’ve got right now. That will definitely change when we update for spring and then probably again next fall.

Throw pillows are my favorite way to update my bedding.

Ideally you will want something of a mix – generally euro shams in the back with regular shams in the front and possibly a decorative pillow too.

Or if you don’t want a bunch of pillows everywhere so maybe you’ll just use one long neckroll.

A queen size bed will need two euro shams and a king will need 3.

Layer your decorative pillows when making your bed MySimpaticoLife.com

And even more pillows

I have added two more euro shams because this pattern makes me happy and I have two of them.

This is generally where you’d add regular shams but I think our euro shams work just fine.

Layer Euro Shams for a decorative addition to your bed MySimpaticoLife.com

Make your bed with Accent Pillows

I couldn’t say keep adding pillows.

But really, add more pillows.

The last thing that we add to our bed is a fun and decorative pillow.

And we change this pillow often.  Seasonally or when I find a fun new pillow that I can’t live without.

I might have too many throw pillows.

Add decorative pillows to your bed to make it more cozy MySimpaticoLife.com

Add a quilt or throw

In the cooler season we like a velvet quilt at the bottom of the bed.  It doesn’t match our pillows exactly but it’s got a nice warm feel to it and I love the jewel tone.

This is also a great place to toss on a throw.  Bring in another color or pattern or even just another texture to your mix.

Add a colorful quilt to your bed in the winter for a layer of warmth and style MySimpaticoLife.com

That is how you make your bed look like it belongs in a magazine!

If you’re looking for a place to put all those throw pillows  at night add a basket into your bedroom decor.  We keep a large basket next to the bed and they get stacked there (and on the chair).

Yep, throw pillows are not my husbands favorite thing but I love them so we keep accumulating them somehow!

Try out different combinations and see what colors and textures you like together.  I’ve definitely been caught rearranging displays in many stores so that I can put my pillows and blankets together before I purchase them.

Your bed should look inviting and comfortable and make you want to climb into it.

There are lots of ways to layer your blankets and pillows and only you can decide how you love to layer your bed.

No go Make Your Bed!

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Make your bed look beautiful and cozy so that your bedroom is a retreat MySimpaticoLife.com

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