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We have moved from Simpatico at Rainbow Ranch to Simpatico at River Crossing! Of course we are Simpatico no matter what the address is but here are a few updates.

We are one week in our new house and it has been at least a month’s worth of adventures already. Of course we expected a little bit of chaos but we definitely got a few things we didn’t expect.

I’m going to share what’s happening, a few photo’s and what our first projects will be. It’s a big house so there will be lots more photo’s to follow, this is just a brief update on the state of things around here.

The front of Simpatico at River Crossing
The Front of the House

We officially closed on our new home last Tuesday, but we didn’t really have time to celebrate because we had to deliver the dogs to their daycare for the week and finish up all the packing for the movers.

Wednesday was all day moving.

We had three trucks and eight movers plus Darrel and myself and my mom and Dr. Bob. The house we moved out of was definitely smaller but we also had several outbuildings and it was a lot of work. Everything was delivered to the new house by 6:00 but we weren’t done. Oh no.

We went back to the other house to gather all the potted plants that the movers wouldn’t move, which turned out to be an entire trailer load of pots and plants. I’m not going to tell you the actual count because Darrel was not happy and I’ve been cut off from buying anymore pots. Large pots anyway.

The back of Simpatico at River Crossing

Thursday was closing on the Rainbow Ranch house – we gathered up the miscellaneous items left in the garage, walked the property to be sure we hadn’t missed anything and signed the papers over to the new owners. They are thrilled about their new home and I’m so glad that a family will get to enjoy it.

It was definitely bittersweet to leave that house and property – and the view! The view was absolutely incredible, but we are onto a new adventure.

Side view of the kitchen at Simpatico

Thursday afternoon consisted of groceries and unpacking the kitchen. We have a walk in pantry now so there’s plenty of storage. It’s pretty unorganized at the moment but that’s definitely a future project.

All the bedrooms have carpet – original to the house

Friday we set up beds and purchased almost all the towels available at a local store. We went from having two bathrooms to each room having its own bathroom and a couple of half baths as well. That’s a lot of hand towels.

And toilet paper. Thank goodness there’s not a shortage on that anymore.

We figured the best way to get unpacked was under pressure so we invited family and some friends to come and help. They all knew what they were getting into and it paid off immensely to have so much help in getting boxes unpacked and big pieces moved around.

The cabana by the pool at Simpatico
The cabana (before)

The guys installed a new grill into the cabana by the pool and put together the new bar stools that I ordered. The girls finished unpacking the kitchen, organized our closet and sorted all the holiday tubs in the garage and moved them into a closet inside the house.

This meant that on Sunday, Father’s Day, we were able to go visit one of the girls friends who has just bought their first home and then have them over to celebrate. Everyone got to relax and spend some time in the pool and enjoy themselves.

Because Monday…..

I had to be at the hospital at 6 am for surgery.

Yes we planned this and yes the timing was terrible. Although I’m not sure there’s a good time to be laid up from surgery.

Fortunately for me I had surgery on Monday and was home on Tuesday. I’m feeling great so far. I honestly expected to feel bad for a few days and that hasn’t happened so I’m thankful to be feeling good. I just can’t lift or move anything so it will be a little interesting for the next few weeks as I fully recover.

So the upside of having everyone in the house also revealed some repairs that we needed. The stress on the AC units had their drain pans overflowing so on Wednesday those were all serviced. The propane company required an inspection before they would refill our tank and that inspection revealed a leak in the tank, so that’s being remedied. The septic system has a part that’s broken so it should be repaired next week. And the pool.

The pool was damaged by the freeze we had here in February. Because we’ve had such a rainy spring they’ve been unable to complete repairs so that worked out to our benefit. We met with them on Thursday and were able to change the tile and plaster choices. The pool repairs are scheduled to start after the 4th of July holiday.

More Simpatico at River Crossing Photos

There are three niches like this

One of our first updates will be new tile in the decorative niches. I’m not sure about the decor yet but I know that they’ll need some color added to them. I’m already eyeing some tile from the same place that made our backsplash in Rainbow Ranch!

Current State of the Living room at Simpatico
The current state of the living room

We need a lot more furniture. Even though I’ve always have furniture stored about – I need some larger pieces and different types than I’ve had in the last few houses.

Pool Selections for Simpatico
Pool tile and plaster choices

We’ve chosen a teal colored pool tile to replace what is currently in the pool. The plaster is going to be a mix of blues to give the water a beautiful blue shade when we refill it and the deck color is undecided until we can have the samples in the sunlight and hold them up to the house paint.

The dogs approve of the pool
We’ve already had an adventure with the fountain
We’ve got this bar

It looks like the winner for the first project is going to be painting the front door!

The doors are beautiful but from the street they are so dark that there’s a bit of a “black hole” effect and I’m hoping by painting the doors a brighter color it will help!

So that’s that. Round one of photo’s.

If you can’t tell, my mind is going one hundred miles an hour and I’m making zero decisions right now.

But soon. Soon you’ll start seeing some changes!

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