One Room Challenge Spring 2022 – Week 2

We are back to the Spring of 2022 One Room Challenge and we’re working on guest bedroom 2 in our house. So here’s what’s happening!

Welcome to Week Two!

It’s officially the crisis week in the challenge and I guess I should just be happy that it’s hitting early in the process instead of later.

Later in the challenge means that shipping dates don’t work and tears are shed. At this point I’m just a little frustrated but I still have plenty of time to overcome it.

Or at least I think I do.

So let’s recap!

Week One Recap

Last week I shared an inspiration board/mood board for my design for this room.

Boom -this week it looks nothing like the one that I shared.

Well it still looks a little like the one I shared but I’ve changed up quite a bit so I’m going to share my new inspiration photo’s with you.

New Inspiration photo's for the One Room Challenge Week Two.
@Clare-McLaughlin_ and @dunbarroad

The top photo is by one of my favorite’s on TikTok. She created this Florida bedroom in three days and it was a pretty fun project to watch. I actually ordered the same stencil to try for my project!

The middle photo I found on Pinterest and I’m sure it belongs to a designer but I haven’t found them yet. It has the bold contrast that I love and I plan to include the coral’s and pinks that I was already planning to use.

The bottom photo is an amazing before and after. I love the full paint and the wallpapered ceiling. I won’t be able to do that in this room but it certainly got my attention so I’ve saved it for inspiration.

I loved the design board that I created and I have wallpaper samples hanging on the walls and an order in the cart.

After I finished my design board and shared it I realized that it was gorgeous, but it was missing some contrast.

I needed more contrast to give me the bold pop that I’m looking for.

Of course I couldn’t just change up one thing, I had to change the majority of the design elements!

So the progress for the first week has been getting the walls prepped and primer’d.

Now it’s decision time!

Week 2 Goals

Before I can keep moving forward with my project I’ve got to determine what color I want the ceiling to be.

In the previous plan it was going to be painted a darker color because the walls were going to be white, or wallpapered. I was really only planning to wallpaper one wall and leave the others white or a very pale pink.

Now the walls are going to be blue.

Instead of wallpaper I’m planning to use a stencil to add a design.

If the stencil is quick and easy I may do the entire room but if it’s too hard or time consuming I will go back to the one wall idea.

So the big question now is white ceiling or blue ceiling?

The next question is paint the trim or leave it?

The trim needs paint, but it’s more work than I really want to do. And it’s a domino effect because if I paint the trim in this room you know I’m going to keep on painting trim throughout the house.

Not a small project.

Click any of these images to shop the look!

Projects to complete

The plan for this week is paint. That means making the decision and getting the paint finished. The walls and ceiling anyway.

Once I’ve got those painted I can decide on the trim – it’s another question of color or white. It’s currently white-ish. It’s a few shades since it’s been painted and it’s got some age and sun damage to it.

I would be able to move further into the project but we are going to be in Boston for the remainder of this week so no progress will be made before next week’s update.

The One Room Challenge

Have you checked out the One Room Challenge yet? There are so many great designers and great projects happening.

You can find a lot of them by clicking above or checking on Instagram and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I’m always amazed at the talent and imagination that I get to see in this group!

Next week I’ll share a few of my favorite designs that are underway this time.

The Next Few Weeks

If you missed the original design board you can find it on week one and here’s the plan for the remaining part of the project!

Design Details for the Spring 2022 One Room Challenge Week Two
  • Week One – Project Inspiration and Plans
  • Week Two – You are here! – change of plans and inspiration, also prep and primer
  • Week Three – Finish Paint (at least the base coat) and links to other projects
  • Week Four – Crown Moulding and Feature Wall
  • Week Five – Flooring and LIghting
  • Week Six – Finish Flooring and Furniture
  • Week Seven – Finishing Touches and deal with whatever crisis we’ve met with
  • Week Eight – The Big Reveal

So now you’re all caught up on what I haven’t accomplished this past week!

But now I’m really excited about my plan so I need to get to ordering to be sure that I’ve got all the supplies here to move forward!

So now I’m off to return items and shop for new ones!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest for more inspiration!

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  1. This is going to be soooo gorgeous!! I love all of the colors and patterns you’ve chosen! I’m planning to stencil our primary bathroom for this ORC with a similar stencil. I’m hoping it’s not too overwhelming!! I can’t wait to see the reveal for your gorgeous project!!

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