The 3 Best Ways to Create a Home Office in a Bedroom

Whether you’re working full time from home or you’re just looking for a place to pay your bills, we’ve got some great inspiration for creating a home office in a bedroom.

It’s important to have a dedicated space for your office. This makes it so much easier to keep things organized and know where you can locate important papers, or even just find a pen and notepad when you need one.

Some people consider the bedroom a sanctuary where there should be nothing but a bed and room for relaxing, but the bedroom can easily serve other purposes. If you don’t have a lot of room in your house you might be able to tuck a small little writing nook or office space in there.

I did a little searching for some pretty bedrooms with desks in them, and I
hope you find something that inspires you to make your home office space work!

Next to your Bed

Not everyone has enough space to have an actual office in their home. Using a desk as a nightstand is a great way to create a functioning space in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if it’s a master bedroom or a guest bedroom, multi-functional furniture is space saving.

The trick is to be clever and make the space look inviting like it belongs in your room. It can be functional and pretty! I mean that’s what we’re all looking for anyway right?

A home office can be as simple as a side table next to the bed with a chair.
via Pinterest

I truly think that part of the reason that I find these all so appealing is because they’ve got unique chairs combined with the tables. You can accomplish this just by dragging a chair in from another room when you need it or even by finding a funky chair at a yard sale to use!

A glamorous bedside table that doubles as a desk
via Kristin Peake Interiors. LLC
Making space to work from home in a small room
via The EveryGirl

I think this leather headboard and the colors give this one a little more of a masculine feel. Be sure to pick pieces that work with your decor.

Warm tones give this bedroom home office a masculine feel
via Pinterest
A home office as a side table
via Houzz

Home Office Tucked into a Small Space

A home office in a bedroom can also just be tucked into a space that’s wide enough for a chair. If you’re working in a spare bedroom a closet can be a great space to create an office and then be able to shut the door when you’re not using it.

You could also add a curtain if you wanted to keep the space private or out of sight, but the best thing to do is to make it pretty and functional.

I think these examples do a great job of taking a tiny space and making it into a workhorse office space.

If you've got a small space you can tuck a desk into it.
via Pinterest

Another fun idea – painting the ceiling a darker contrasting color!

via Megan Georgopoulos

I’m not going to lie – I actually really love the dandelion decor on the wall of this next one! So unique!

via Svoya

Of course using an entire closet will almost seem like a luxury. These mirrored doors make the bedroom seem larger and disguise the office that’s behind them.

You can tuck a home office into a closet for an organized space.
via Modern Craft

A designated office space in a bedroom

If your room is big enough to have space for a desk and accessories then you’re in luck.

This leaves you a lot more space to create a true office experience, like the giant pin board above the desk in this photo.

| |

Now didn’t you see some amazing bedrooms that look so pretty?

It’s entirely possible to have a desk in your bedroom and not have your bedroom look like a corporate office.

It’s also possible to create an office space in a very small area of a bedroom so that you’ve got a dedicated space to work from home.

We’ve had both types in our homes. We’ve certainly lived in spaces that had nice offices and others where we tucked a desk into the decor, which is what we’re doing currently.

What works in your house? I hope that you were able to find some inspiration and ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

Do you need more Home Decor Ideas?

You can create a home office in your bedroom with just a tiny bit of space.

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