The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Vent Hood Options

Now that we’re in the midst of working on the kitchen remodel, we’ve completely changed the order or our original plan.

Isn’t that sometimes the way it goes with a remodel?  Or is it the way it always goes with a remodel?

Initially, we were planning to start by installing a kitchen island, and now that’s going to be the last thing that we work on.  Or at least that’s the plan as of today!

They key to getting this part of the project done quickly is having it all planned out.  You plan all your projects in advance right?

I would assume that most people would plan their entire kitchen remodel and have all the parts picked out before they start.  We really did do that at some point.  And then it all changed.

We will leave the refrigerator and oven in the same spots so those are the easy parts.  We’ve picked a style of cabinetry and we’re ready to get moving.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Vent Hoods

Now that we’re planning to work on the oven and fridge wall I need to design a vent hood for over the stove.  We’ve already picked out a shaker style cabinet to build but we haven’t really talked about a vent hood style.

There are so many styles to pick from – metal, wood – either contrasting or matching, and then once you pick a material what about the shape?

Do we want it to blend into the kitchen or be a statement?

The kitchen vent hood has to be pretty, but it’s also a hard worker in the kitchen.

Besides being pretty, the actual purpose of a vent hood is to keep smoke, steam and heat away from the rest of the kitchen.  It can help keep oil and grease from building up in the kitchen, which makes keeping it clean easier. (and we are all about less cleaning!)

A kitchen vent hood can also help control odors when you’re cooking foods that aren’t as friendly to the nose!  Because everyone in our family loves broccoli!  Oh and those flash fried brussel sprouts taste amazing, but cooking them is not!

Metal Kitchen Vent Hoods

The first vent hoods we explore are the metal vent hoods.  I have to say that these definitely make a statement in a kitchen.  And boy are they lovely!

I don’t think there’s anyway to put a metal vent hood into a smaller kitchen and it not be a statement.  The metal’s are really going to stand out against almost any surface that they are showcased near.

You can use the simple stove-pipe style.  It’s becoming a very popular look and it has nice clean lines to it.  It also leaves lots of space around it to showcase your backsplash!

A tube style vent hood looks great in almost any kitchen design
via Pinterest

This vent hood features metal straps to give it some more character.  I don’t think you can tell from this view but it really showcases the commercial stove in this space. It’s the large and focal feature in this kitchen design.

A stainless Steel Vent hood is a great option for every kitchen style
photo via Pinterest

This vent hood is made of zinc.  Zinc is a gorgeous metal that feels right at home in a Farmhouse style kitchen.  It’s definitely got a premium price tag to it and that is the main reason that we’re not going to use it in our kitchen.

A zinc vent hood is a beautiful touch to a farmhouse style kitchen
via Copperworks

A copper kitchen vent hood is absolutely stunning and will look right at home in a farmhouse style kitchen.  This is another metal that’s going to be a statement in the kitchen and the price tag on it tells you what kind of statement too.  Our budget says no to a copper vent hood, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t admire them while we’re shopping right?

A copper hood is a statement in any kitchen design
via CopperWorks

Wooden Vent Hoods

After viewing so many metal vent hoods we decided that we are definitely going to go with a wood one.  The biggest reason being that we can design and build it ourself!

Then it’s just a decision of the style and color that we want in our kitchen.  Which seems like it should be a a pretty easy answer right?

I love the look of this rustic vent hood.  I actually had shelves built just like this in our kitchen on it’s 2nd round of remodeling.  They were a temporary fix until we could get in and put cabinets back.

I do love the way the open shelves look, but I’m not a huge fan of having everything I own out on display.  Having doors on my cabinets is important to me after trying the open shelves.

I guess you can call my old fashioned.

A wood vent hood is a beautiful style in a farmhouse kitchen
via Pinterest

Here another example of the contrasting wood with white cabinets and it looks a lot closer to what we’re thinking.  Ultimately I think we are going to have to go with a white kitchen vent hood because our kitchen is so small.

I picked some gorgeous tile for a backsplash and I really want it to be the statement in my kitchen, not the vent hood.

The contrast of this wood vent hood makes a statement in this kitchen remodel
via HGTV Fixer Upper

White Vent Hoods

I think that we’ve narrowed our choice down to a white vent hood.

We are working in such a small space that I think it needs to be really cohesive.

This white vent hood is very simple and it looks a little more like stucco to me than wood.  I really admire the simple lines on it and it makes a statement, but it’s a subtle statement.

It’s saying “I’m just here doing my job, not trying to bother anyone.”

A smooth white vent hood is a sleek addition to a kitchen
via DecorPad

This panel option is what I’m thinking of!

I think it will go well with our shaker style cabinets.  It will have some subtle framing so it doesn’t look too plain, but it will be painted the same color as the cabinets so that it doesn’t stand out too much.

I think I’ve narrowed down the style!

A panel vent hood looks great and blends in with surrounding cabinetry
via houzz

This kitchen wall looks almost exactly like our space that we have to work with!

Isn’t it fun to actually find a photo that mimics the space that you’re working in?

The only difference is that we have a wall to the left of the fridge so we won’t have any additional cabinetry in that space.  It’s a pretty small space and we are making our cabinets use up every square in possible so we can have as much storage as possible.

This panel vent hood looks very similar to the set up that we're going to have in our finished kitchen
via MillHaven Homes

Decision Time!

Well now we’ve found our design, yay!

Onto measuring, taping off our layout and ordering supplies.

And the decision of colors.

Should I paint the upper and lower cabinets white or make them two different colors?  I know I want the island to be a contrasting color.

I think that our countertops next to the oven are going to be butcher block.  I love the look of butcher block so I guess we’ll have to actually build the cabinets first.  Then I can decide on a color.

What do you think?

Which farmhouse style vent hood did you like the best?  Which one would you choose for your kitchen?

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  1. I love all the wood vent designs. They always create a classic and authentic look for the kitchen!

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