5 Ways to Make Your Small Space Amazing

Read on to find ideas to make the most of small space living, whether you’re focused on a small room in your home or a small home!

Living in a small space doesn’t mean that you have to forgo having a beautiful and functional space.

There are lot’s of upsides to living in a small space but there are a few things to consider when you’re decorating and furnishing a smaller home.

You need just the right amount of furnishings and decor. Too much will feel crowded and cluttered. Too little and you won’t have a spot to store anything.

Storage is definitely a big consideration when living in a smaller space.

Especially since we’ve all spent a lot more time in our homes the last couple of years. Not just for sleeping or entertaining but also working.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to transform a cramped space, it just takes some thought so read on for a few ideas to help you out.

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Decor ideas for a small space include maximizing your storage!

Plan Your Layout

In any size space, whether it’s small or large, you need to plan the function and the layout of the room.

Choose furniture that fits the space and be sure that you’re choosing pieces that are versatile.

I actually think this is a great rule for any house really – I love to be able to move furniture from room to room. Or even just move it around in a room to give it a new feeling.

Imagine my surprise when we moved into our current house from a significantly smaller home and one of my chairs won’t fit through any of the bedroom doorways. It can only fit into a room with an exterior door. It’s a chair that has lived in 6 other (smaller) houses.

Anyway, be sure to think about how you need each room to perform so you can fully utilize all your space and furnishings.

If a bedroom is also a nursery is also a guest room then you need to consider all the pieces that you need to make it comfortable and functional. Then you need to consider how they’ll fit together in the space.

Furniture that functions for a Small Space is the key!

Don’t choose small furniture that’s too small and wind up with a space that looks cluttered with too many pieces in it.

And don’t choose bulky furniture. Furniture pieces that are too weighty will make your room feel cramped.

Is that confusing?

In a small space a sofa with legs is going to feel lighter than a sofa with a slipcover to the floor. It’s about the visual space, so when you can imagine the floor running under the sofa it will make the room feel more open.

A settee is likely to be too small, and a sectional with reclining seats will likely be too big.

Not always though. That’s why you need to measure and plan your layout.

Cut the Clutter

While there’s a big move toward minimalism, I’m not sure it’s totally realistic lifestyle choice for everyone. Being mindful of what you bring into your home is they key to keeping it clutter free, but it’s not always easy to do.

In any size home, clutter can take over before you know it. In a small home it only takes a small amount of clutter to fill up the space and make it look really messy.

This is why closed storage is going to be your friend!

If you’ve got bookshelves or any sort of open shelving think about using baskets or decorative boxes to hold items.

Use trays on a table or on bathroom vanity to help keep things together.

Trays are a great idea on many flat surfaces. You can use them to hold decor or you can use them to hold important items like keys and wallets.

A tray can also helpful to be able to move things quickly from one surface to another. So if you like to keep something pretty on a space that you will also need for function, a tray can make it a quick change.

If you’re using your table as a desk, keep your office supplies on a tray so that you can quickly clean off your desk for dinner.

Choose Multifunctional Pieces

Look for multi-purpose furniture that can serve different uses and will help maximize storage in your space.

The bookcase with a desk shelf is a great way to have a desk for your workspace without taking up too much space in your living area. If you use baskets on the shelves you can hide all of your desk supplies, charging cords and work necessities so that you have a clean and uncluttered look.

You want to use flexible pieces that will work in more than one area of your space.

Using an ottoman as a coffee table is a great way to incorporate a multifunctional piece.

You can store blankets or books inside the storage part of the ottoman. Or toys, games or puzzles. I mean really you can put whatever you’d like inside it.

An ottoman can be used as extra seating when you’ve got a crowd. Or you can put a tray on it and use it as a coffee table.


I’ve even seen an ottoman that has an entire bed inside of it. A great way to hide a spot for guests.

A few other ideas

A bed with drawers underneath give you lot’s of storage options. Or a bed that’s tall enough that you can slide storage bins underneath it. You can use the storage bins for out of season clothes, decor, or even toy storage.

Instead of having a table in your entryway, can you use a narrow chest?

What about using a bench at your dining table? You can easily tuck it under the table when you’re not using it, and then you can relocate it to the living area when you need more seats.

Concealed storage is a bonus in a small space and helps keep clutter to a minimum. The idea is to sneak in storage wherever you can!

Choose a color scheme

Look around to see what spaces tie together from room to room and make sure that your color’s are the same or coordinate in these spaces.

Using the same color in an entryway that is part of your living room and looks down a hallway can help the space feel more cohesive. Your eye doesn’t get stopped by different colors so it will perceive the space as being larger.

While I’m a huge advocate of bold color, I prefer white walls in most spaces and bring in the color with accessories. In a smaller space I tend to stick to more neutral colors so that it doesn’t wind up looking too busy.

Unless of course you’re a maximalist and then we can go all out!

Use Your Walls

Going upward is a great way to use your space! Don’t be afraid to go high when you have a limited amount of floor space.

Keeping things off the floor will help a space feel larger. Keeping things off your surfaces will help a space feel less cluttered.

Use bookshelves or floating shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. That one extra shelf can provide a lot of storage.

Wall hooks are a great way to corral items in a narrow space. You can place them near doorways for coats, keys and dog leashes. Or in bathrooms to hang towels and other items.

Hanging mirrors in your space will help reflect light and generally make a space feel more open. Your eye will look beyond the mirror for more space.

Be sure that you place your mirrors where they reflect back light or a pretty view! Nobody want to look in the reflection and see your laundry room or your microwave.

Also make sure that you’re hanging your art and curtains at the right height. Most people tend to hang their artwork too high and their curtains too low.

And don’t forget about using your window sills just like you would a narrow shelf. We love to put plants in all of our window sills.

Be sure to make it your own!

Remember that you are the one living in your space. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what one designer or another says, it doesn’t matter what “rules” there are to home decor.

The only opinion that really counts is yours!

It’s great to look for tips on how to use your space better, but it’s your space and only you can now how it’s going to work the best for your life.

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