How to Create a Happy Armoire with Bold Colors

Can your furniture be happy? I think so! If it makes you smile when you look at it then it’s a win! Check out my new happy armoire that I updated with some bold colors and wallpaper!

I love to inspire you to use bold and fun colors in your home decor. I think that your home should make you smile when you walk in and I’m definitely on a mission to bring more joy and sunshine into all of our homes!

Of course I believe that a home has a soul. A home has a story and its story is all about what we fill it with.

Can furniture be happy? Well why not?

Why can’t my furniture also be a reflection of how it makes me feel?

For example – this happy armoire!

The happy armoire in its before state - when I found it on fbmp.

It’s a pretty armoire in its before photo. I love the feminine lines and curves on this piece and I bought it while we had a house on the market and before we had purchased a new one.

This armoire was over an hour from my house and I hired a guy and his friend to go pick it up for me. Thankfully the owner was very easy to work with. We talked on the phone while it was being loaded and he sent photo’s once it was on the truck to show that it was loaded and the shelves were included.

It made it to my house that afternoon proceeded to sit in the garage for more than a month.

When it finally arrived at our new house it got moved around a few times before it finally found a home in my office.

And there she sat.

For over a year it was filled to the brim with bits and baubles that I hadn’t taken the time to organize.

It was hard to look at because it had glass doors and it was such a mess.

The Happy Armoire Stage Two

My office is a hit and miss mess.

We built in Ikea Bookshelves almost right when we moved in.

I added another (currently unfinished) Ikea cabinet and spent days and days tearing out carpet and painting the walls white.

All the while this pretty armoire was whispering in my ear that it was waiting to be made beautiful.

So I bought some wallpaper!

A bright floral wallpaper is what I chose to brighten up the back of the happy armoire.

Updating an armoire with paint and wallpaper

Originally I thought that I wanted this piece to be pink. I started painting it pink and it just didn’t feel right.

So I pulled out swatches and decided it needed a bold blue shade.

Bold wallpaper and pink paint on the interior made this armoire happy!

I chose to leave the inside of the armoire pink because I liked how the brightness reflects light. I didn’t want the blue to shadow inside of the armoire so this seemed like a better fit.

And it is.

Because now the inside of the armoire is so pretty I don’t want to add a bunch of junk to it, I really just want to look at it all finished!

The Happy Armoire all Finished

My happy armoire all finished and ready to use!

Now I’m even more inclined to finish the other piece that’s waiting and make this space what it was meant to be.

Once this weather finally cools down I think I’ll be far more motivated to actually finish any projects! The heat is just making me sluggish and indecisive!

Or maybe its just the season?

But I do detect a hint of fall. It’s just a hint but I’m going to take that and run with it!

I hope you enjoyed this project and will take a few minutes to visit a few more of them!

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