Front Door Colors that Look Amazing

I’m exploring some front door colors that we are considering and how we are deciding on which one to try!

So far we are loving the new house. Even though I’m struggling with not being able to lift anything over 10 pounds.

Which is actually not being able to lift anything really.

In my office I have to unpack half a box to make it light enough to move the box out of my way. So I’m basically doing the entire job twice to save myself from lifting.

But I’m not complaining.

Do not take any of this as complaining because I am super thankful that I feel great. I’ve had no pain and I’m feeling better each day so I’m going to keep doing every job double for the next week or so until I’m feeling like I can do more.

(If you’re lost, I had surgery one week ago, which was 4 days after moving into our new house.)

Back to the front door colors!

Here is a photo of our current front door.

The front door at Simpatico

Here’s the current state of the front porch.

The front doors are beautiful, the rug is too small and the deer have eaten every plant I have in a pot.

We had deer at Rainbow Ranch. We were still in the hill country. We’re not even that far away (about 30 minutes) but neighborhood deer are much more aggressive than the wild deer. Or that’s my opinion anyway.

The deer came up on my front porch and ate up my ferns. I have nothing left but sticks.

The front doors are beautiful, but as you get further from the doors they are shadowed and become a black hole.

A little distance to the front porch view at Simpatico

As you back up from the front porch you can see that it’s in the shadows. The doors are harder to see the definition because they are in the shadows. And the plants are almost invisible since they don’t have any leaves left!

The front of Simpatico at River Crossing

When you get further down the driveway you can just seen an opening.

So you see what I mean? I’d like the doors to be lighter so that we can see them from further away.

Front Door Colors we might Choose

Have you tried this app from Sherwin Williams?

They aren’t paying me to share this information with you but I had so much fun trying out different colors on my front door.

I just took a photo of my actual door and was able to paint it any color in the Sherwin Williams library and see what it would look like.

Front Door in Sky Fall
Front Door in Arugula
Front Door in Morning Glory
Front door in Nifty Turquoise

I’m sure that you can do a lot better job painting on your phone screen than I can but I got enough color to get a good idea of what it might look like.

You just use your finger to paint and you can easily undo it if you paint somewhere you’re not supposed to.

You can tap a color and a screen will pop up to show you where to find the color when you get into the store.

You can see that all my choices are pretty close together in the blue’s and green’s category!

Of course the final decision also has to be husband approved so you’ll have to stay tuned to see which color I choose. Hint: it’s the one that I had the most votes for on my stories!

And if you know me at all you know that it’s unlikely the front door will stay any particular color for too long.

I also finally made a decision and ordered a rug for in front of the front door. It might be the first actual decision that I’ve made for decor in the new house lol. So one decision down and at least a million more to go!

Be sure to follow along on my instagram story for daily inspiration and what’s happening. If you want to see inspiration you can check out Pinterest, which is where I’m gather all the ideas right now!

If you want to see a few before photo’s of the new house then just click here!

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