The Best Blue and White Bedroom Ideas (from Target)

I’m sharing a few ideas I’ve put together for a blue and white bedroom and surprise!! they’re all found on! It’s so hard to spend time searching endlessly on multiple sites so here are all the goody’s that you need to put together a blue and white bedroom from one place!

Blue and white are such a classic combination. I don’t think these colors ever go out of style, although the shades may change from lighter to darker every once in a great while.

This color combination can hold its own in patterns or with bold pops of color against it.

It can almost act as a neutral backdrop to pink or yellow. Or even a bright kelly green.

With all the interest in Grand Millennial style we’ve seen a huge resurgence in chinoiserie style and blue and white is a huge part of many of those designs.

Add in some brass or wood to ground these colors and you’ve got a winning style combination.

Blue and White as a neutral

Do you consider blue and white a neutral?

If you look at the picture below you can see how the colors just tie everything together and doesn’t compete with the other colors.

The blue and white lets the pink and green pop and gives you a nice bold color combination for just about any decor. I especially love adding in the touches of brass, and a bar cart is one of the best accessories you can find.

A bar cart can be exactly that – a bar cart. Or you can use it for a side table or patio table. Most of these have wheels on them so they’re great to use for a party and you can easily relocate it to the best spot.

You can also just fill it with plants and make it a plant table.

The ideas are endless!

Blue and white bedroom decor with pops of bright colors included.
Image via Pinterest

Blue and White as a Staple

Here’s the ultimate in blue and white.

Just go all in.

Blue and white matched with more blue and white.

You’ll see a lot of combinations of this with ginger jars or garden stools much like the photo below. This makes the blue and white the star of the show and let’s the other colors play a supporting role. Of course here the other colors are all neutral so that you focus on the blue and white!

Amy Berry Home has a great collection of blue and white and there's no end to the way they mix and match.
Amy Berry Home

Blue and White in My House

I have a small collection of blue and white pieces that I’ve gathered from near and far. It’s definitely something that I keep an eye out for when I’m shopping and I’ve picked up lots of pieces from vintage shops, facebook marketplace and several retailers as well.

I think I can mix and match the new pieces with the old and not worry too much about their pedigree. I’m more concerned about how they fit onto my shelves and how they look together.

I’m really on the lookout for some larger ginger jars these days.

I found one awhile back and just couldn’t stomach the price tag but I’ve been kicking myself ever since. I guess next time I’ll just pay before I have too much time to consider it.

I also like to move my decor around.

Pretty regularly.

You might see my bookshelves full of books or decor. You might see a great collection of blue and white on the shelves or you may see it spread throughout my house. Sometimes it goes out onto the patio.

Do you feel like I have a wandering decor habit? Is that even a thing?

Or do you think my decor just has a mind of its own?

Blue and White Bedroom

This brings me to all these favorite blue and white bedroom finds.

Now I don’t have a blue and white bedroom in my house if you can believe that. I stick to china and ginger jars in this color combination with a few pots thrown into the mix.

I love color. Lot’s of color.

Great choices to put together a blue and white bedroom with finds from Target!

You can find all these items on but I’m including my affiliate links through the app on here. If you click through to the product I may receive a commission on it but it won’t cost you anything!

You might find out that I’ve already ordered a couple of these items and you may see them sprinkled throughout my decor here in the future. You’ll just have to stay tuned. But be sure and let me know what your favorite item is before you go!

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