10 Beautiful Thanksgiving TableScape Ideas

Updated 11/22

f you’re hosting at your house, or even if you’re just looking for some inspiration, I’m sharing some beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape ideas that you can use. You don’t even have to use them for Thanksgiving, they’re beautiful all by themselves.

I love to host Thanksgiving at our house every year. 

This is one of my favorite holiday’s and I wish it wasn’t so close to Christmas so that we could enjoy it even more.  All we’re doing is gathering with family and friends to be thankful.

Well there’s eating and football involved too, but family and friends is the best part!

Our family has grown a lot recently and that means that we have more and more people joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. We get the pleasure of spending time with our kids extended family’s and we’re so lucky to have great relationships with all of them.

This means that I generally spend some time planning our table design in advance so that I can easily assemble the night before.  Since we use multiple tables I like to have a few decorating staples on hand so that they all have a similar look.

So here are my requirements for the perfect Thanksgiving table setting:

  1. It has to look fantastic
  2. Some of it has to be different than the previous year
  3. It has to be simple

So I’ve assembled a list of ideas (from Pinterest of course) to get my creative juices flowing and I thought I’d share them with you before I show you our final design!

Natural Twigs with Berries Thanksgiving Table

I love a simple Thanksgiving tablescape and this one's got all the hallmarks MySimpaticoLife.com

This beautiful image from Pinterest has all the things that I love in a fall table.  It’s simple, includes natural elements and it’s also very eye catching.

I love the twisty branches!

This look is easy to recreate with:

  • A table runner
  • Mini Gourds and Flowers
  • Branches with Berries
  • A crock or a bowl to hold the centerpiece

I also like that this can easily be removed when we sit down to east and need room for all those dishes that we’re adding.

Thanksgiving Tablescape in White

This is a simple white Thanksgiving Tablescape MySimpaticoLife.com
via Pottery Barn

This is a beautiful and classic setup with a mostly white palette.  There are some touches of other colors in the ruffled placemats and the greenery but it’s a soothing palette.

It also looks like it can easily be moved for food – pick up the pumpkins and then fold the greenery up in the runner and line the table with food.

You can easily create this look with:

  • Real or faux white pumpkins
  • Real or faux greenery
  • Ruffled placemats (I found similar ones on Etsy and Pier 1)

Simple Fall Box for Your Table

A Thanksgiving Centerpiece in a bowl makes it easier to relocate when the food comes out! MySimpaticoLife.com
via Etsy

Here’s another great Thanksgiving centerpiece that is in a wooden box to make it easy to relocate when all the food comes out to the table.

The added touch of the hello pumpkin sign makes it a little more personalized.

Try these items to recreate this look:

  • A wooden box or dough bowl
  • Real or faux pumpkins
  • Greenery
  • Candles and Candlesticks
  • A personalized sign

Flower Bouquet Thanksgiving Table


What could be more beautiful than a simple design like this one?  A statement of flowers and a few pumpkins but the beauty is in the simplicity of this design.

This design can be recreated with:

  • Real or faux flowers – pick some up at the grocery store or try a live bush from the home improvement store
  • Real or faux pumpkins
  • You can add in any size of candles to round this out, especially if it’s on a longer table

Colorful Fall Table


Give me all the colors!  I love, love, love all these bright colors in this Thanksgiving tablescape.  I also think this one could easily be carried over to a Christmas table topper!

By using the natural elements you find at this time of year you’re not wasting anything on your table.  Apples and pomegranates can be incorporated from your decor into your recipes.

Recreate this design with:

  • Apples
  • Pomegranates
  • Greenery
  • Fresh flowers
  • Candles

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

This one checks all the boxes for me. It’s pretty, it’s simple and I can remove it from my table in an instant since it’s all incorporated onto a platter!

It’s easy to put your center decor onto a large platter or even a large cutting board so that it’s got a “home base”.  Then it can be lifted off your table so that you have room for all those dishes.

Recreate this look using

  • A large platter or Base
  • Real or faux pumpkins
  • Flowers, seeds or greenery
  • Candles

Touch of Gold Thanksgiving Tablescape


I love that Amy talks about how she doesn’t have any matching dishes or silverware and how she pulled this whole look together.  She borrowed the table runner from her grandmother and was able to pull together a cohesive look for her table.

This is the best way to use what you own and not go overboard on decor just for the sake of owning more decor.

She also used copper tape to DIY the glass candle holders and pumpkins and give them a punch of style.

You can easily recreate this table with:

  • Fresh flowers and greenery
  • Candles
  • Real or faux pumpkins
  • Copper or Gold Tape

Rustic Country Fall Table


I guess I’m going to be drawn to the natural elements this Thanksgiving. I’m loving the use of everyday decor and just incorporating a bit of the holiday into the table.

I love the antlers that are added onto the table here.

To recreate this look stick try using:

  • Real or faux pumpkins
  • Candles
  • Antlers
  • Wheat or other natural elements – I think feathers would be beautiful here too.

Coastal Thanksgiving Tablescape


Don’t you just love this fresh take on a Coastal Thanksgiving table?

We don’t live on the coast, but since our weather stays warm most of the year it can be hard to think about traditional decorations.  We have used our patio tables for Thanksgiving several years in a row and it’s been a beautiful day to eat outside.

I love the way she incorporated her regular decorating colors into the holiday design.  This is a great example of having a capsule of decor items and not having a lot of decor that we don’t use and end up having to store the rest of the year.

You can recreate this look by:

  • A table runner (that can be used year round)
  • Candlesticks and Greenery
  • Woven Placemats
  • Real or Faux Pumpkins

The pumpkins are the only thing on this table that makes it seasonal.  You can easily substitute another item here and have a beautiful tablescape ready to go for any holiday or event.

Harvest Gold Inspired Table


Here’s an elegant Thanksgiving table that is based in gold.  Lot’s and lots of gold.  Which is a beautiful fall color to use and I love the simplicity of using one color and going very bold with it.

To recreate this look you’ll need:

  • Real or faux pumpkins in gold
  • Gold leaves
  • Candles and Candle holders

Again, the idea here is to take one color and run with it.  I do love the pumpkins that are velvet – I think that give them a nice texture against the leaves and dishes.

When you use one color it’s always a great idea to use it in different finishes and textures to provide some extra interest.

Which Thanksgiving tablescape did you like the best?

Do you create a new display for your table each year or do you use tried and true decor for your table?  There are so many creative ways to decorate a Thanksgiving table and I can’t wait to share mine with you tomorrow!

Do you know your unique decorating style?  We’ve got some help here!
And if you’re using Pinterest for decorating your home, try these tips.

Here's all the inspiration you need to decorate your table for Thanksgiving this year! MySimpaticoLife.com

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