The $40 Fix – Laundry Room Update

I never dreamed that we could spend $40 and it would free up so much space in our laundry room, which is now part of our kitchen.  I also never dreamed that I would want a stacking washer and dryer.

We have spent a good deal of time trying to rearrange the laundry area to free up more space that we’d be able to use in the kitchen.  The laundry was separated by a wall and a door and the space in the room made it very uncomfortable to use.  We basically crouched to move anything from the washer to the dryer.  I had to stand in one spot, open the washer door, then move over and open the dryer door.  Neither door opened all the way and there wasn’t enough room to bend over so I had to stand in an awkward crouching position.  I thought I had solved all that by turning the washer and dryer facing into the kitchen.

We removed a wall  which gave us a (funky) window and added natural light to the whole area.  In my mind (despite all the measuring) I had so much more room next to the washer and dryer.  I was going to have drawers, a countertop, and a cabinet above.  Room for hanging and folding laundry, storing all kinds of things.  Not!

Turning the appliances started the discussion of replacing them.  We haven’t had them very long but a combo washer/dryer was starting to look like a great possibility for us.  I spent quite a bit of time online looking at combo’s and stacking units.  And then lo and behold – did you know that you can just buy a stacking kit?  Why didn’t I know this?  For a mere $40 I could stack the set I already owned!  And all the dreams that I didn’t know I had came true!

Now I get to plan a new floor plan!  I have a lot more floor space than I had before!

Laundry Stacking Kit | My Simpatico Life Blog
The $40 fix – a kit to stack the washer and dryer!
Adding wall Texture | My Simpatico Life Blog
Spraying texture onto the new section of the wall.

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