Week 5 – One Room Challenge

This is just another week of playing catch up and working on things that don’t have a lot of pretty pictures to show.

We do have a ton of catch up work to do so I will likely have a mid-post between the week 5 and the reveal time to show some more progress.

Board and Batten

I spent so much time looking at photo’s of board and batten styles, or wainscoting trying to decide the right way to install this.

Here’s the thing – there aren’t really any rules to how tall it should be or how far apart your wood should be spaced. It’s really the wild west out there when it comes to board and batten.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few design rules to follow. Pay attention to the height of your design. The majority of board and batten is going to be about 2/3 up the wall with paint or paper above it. If you go too low with your design it can make the room feel off balance or even make your ceilings appear lower.

Here are a few photo’s that I found on Pinterest to use for inspiration.

This is a hallway and has is obviously much lower than a 2/3 height. They used a flat board across the top but we’re planning to use a cap because of the way we’re installing it.

This looks closer to what most board and batten looks like and they’ve used a cap top. A little different than the previous picture.

The height of this one feels comfortable to me – not as far up as 2/3 but above halfway it appears. It could also be the camera angle.

One of the things we have to consider when we’re installing it in the bathroom is the height of the vanity and how they will tie in together. I also bought some fantastic wallpaper that I want to showcase so I want to be sure there’s some wall space for that.

What We’ve Done So Far

We used a stud finder to figure out the best spacing for our board and batten - MySimpaticoLife.com

You can faintly see the pencil line that we’ve drawn on the wall to mark where the upper boards will be. I promise you that is after holding up the board at a bunch of different heights – and also considering that we’re using standard wood sizes so we didn’t want to get too tall and waste wood.

The blue tape marked where the down posts would likely go as far as spacing and Lollipop loved the sound of the stud finder!

The board and batten is installed and waiting for paint!  MySimpaticoLife.com

This is after the board and batten is installed but before primer and paint, which is happening currently!

The board and batten that will be behind the vanity when we're finished.  MySimpaticoLife.com

And a surprise addition to the shower area, we’re adding a wooden cap to hide the shower curtain. Now my shower curtain will extend all the way to the ceiling and you won’t be able to see the rods!

We added a board across the top edge of the shower and an additional board to hide the shower curtains!

Goals For This Week

This week is the week we’re supposed to be finishing everything up so the list is pretty long! I imagine that we’re going to run over by a few days so we may post midway with an update and then the final reveal. The list does include:

  • So much caulking!
  • Primer and paint on the board and batten
  • Primer and Paint on the vanity
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Vanity and Countertop installation
  • New Toilet (if you missed the toiler vs. sledgehammer update)
  • Mirror/Lights and Decor


If you want to visit each week then you can follow along on our journey here:

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Week Six – The Final Reveal


The One Room Challenge is in full swing!

If you are new here, welcome, welcome! I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by to check out the project! This is such a fun even that showcases so much talent and creativity.

Each Wednesday you will see the 20 featured designers’ current progress and on Thursdays 150 plus guest participants link up their rooms. Click here to see this week’s featured designers and Click here to see the guest participants

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