Week 3 – One Room Challenge

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. We may decide to call this week, the week of craziness. The week where things didn’t quite work out as expected. But then a few things did.

Week 3 Bathtub/Shower Before.  This photo makes it look white but it's really not!  MySimpaticoLife.com

When we started the one room challenge we knew that the timeline might be tight but as usual, I underestimated the job I chose. Which is nothing new, I have a habit of thinking things won’t take as long as they might.

The plan for this week was to have all the demolition done, the tub reinstalled and tile work finished.

Then we’d be moving into board and batten and paint for next week. Alas, we are a bit behind and hopefully we’ll be able to catch up this week.

For some reason, when we decided to demo the tub and tile, we decided the toilet could stay. I have no idea why I thought that would work.

Just for the record, a toilet hit with a sledgehammer will break.

Toilet vs. Sledgehammer = new toilet.  Week 3 One Room Challenge real challenges.

Fortunately, it only broke the front of the toilet and we didn’t have a massive flood from this mistake. Just a bit of a budget adjustment since I wasn’t planning to purchase a new toilet. Good thing we always add to our estimates.

Turning off the water to remove the plumbing revealed a leak in our well house. That could have been a happy accident since I’m not sure when we’d have discovered the leak. Probably when it got bad enough to reduce the water pressure in our house, or when we had water running down the driveway.

At least there was a silver lining to a leak.

Either way, that was another surprise we weren’t expecting.

Installing a New Tub

The new tub is just a shade larger than the old one. It’s taller so it’s a better soaking tub. (And it’s bright white!!) and it’s just a little bit wider. The hardest part of the tub project was figuring out how to get it into the nook that it was supposed to fit into.

Making room for the new tub meant removing more drywall to get the extra space.

This involved removing a more drywall to make a space for the tub to slide into it’s spot. Much harder than I expected.

But we got it in there and it looks amazing!

The new bathtub in its spot.

Week 3 Wins

The progress that we made this week was positive. The tub is installed. The tile is started and will be finished pretty quickly.

We met with our countertop guy and we have a counter on hold while we wait to see if he has a new piece of quartz remnant this week that will work.

I had already chosen a piece of marble that will be beautiful but the quartz will be a lot more durable in the long run.

We have a temporary top on our kitchen island so I might get a bonus and get a piece of quartz large enough to replace it and fit the bathroom vanity. Stay tuned for that excitement! (Someone else will be installing that job – thank goodness!)

The wallpaper arrived! It is even better than I had hoped and I’m so excited. I thought I had chosen the color for my vanity but now that I’ve got the paper I’ve changed my mind! I think the ceiling is going to be a different color now too. There will definitely be some sneak peaks of those projects on Instagram.


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The One Room Challenge is in full swing!

If you are new here, welcome, welcome! I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by to check out the project! This is such a fun even that showcases so much talent and creativity.

Each Wednesday you will see the 20 featured designers’ current progress and on Thursdays 150 plus guest participants link up their rooms. Click here to see this week’s featured designers and Click here to see the guest participants


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