9 Ways to Upgrade Your Rental from Plain to Luxurious

If you’re living in a rented space either for a short time or a long time I’m sharing some ideas on how to upgrade your rental so it feels more like home!

Because it is your home. Even if you don’t own it.

I get it.

You’ve finally found the perfect rental and you’re excited to move in but you can’t change things since it’s just a rental. That’s the problem, don’t think of it as just a rental. Think of it as your home.

Even if this space is your temporary home it still deserves some love. You deserve to live in an amazing space so try these ideas to upgrade your rental with temporary fixes.

Because your home is worth it!

Update those Switches and Knobs

If you’ve inherited switch covers that have been painted over or just aren’t that new, put some new ones up. This is an easy and inexpensive job that only takes a screwdriver to complete but it will make a big difference in a space. Nice white switch and plug covers look clean and sleek.

As far as cabinet knobs go, new knobs can be pricey but you can take them with you when you leave. There’s no reason to hate the ones you have when you can easily switch them out for a new style.

Or just add them in a certain spot – like on the vanity in the bathroom. Or that one knob that you touch all the time. Make it a knob you love touching.

We put a crystal knob on the pantry because why not? It looked nice and it was just nicer to the touch. Sometime’s it’s just those little things that will make a space feel so much better.

Install a New Shower Head

Replacing a shower head is an easy way to upgrade your rental and you're really going to appreciate it!
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I promise you’ll thank me for this one because it’s one area that’s definitely worth spending the money on. This one is a must to upgrade a rental

Most shower heads these days come with everything that you need to install them except the wrench. It’s an easy job and so worth the expense.

Just hold onto the one that was provided and switch them back when you move on. This is one area that you’ll appreciate every time you step into the shower!

Upgrade Your Lighting

It's easy to add new lighting to upgrade your rental - MySimpaticoLife.com
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I don’t think I’ve ever looked at an apartment that had enough lighting in it. The lighting that’s included can sometimes be cringeworthy and this is a spot that you can upgrade temporarily too.

Don’t be intimidated by changing a light fixture – you can do it!!

If you purchase a new fixture it will come with written instructions but you can also find lot’s of video’s on YouTube that will walk you through it. I promise that it’s not a hard task to complete.

Floor lamps and table lamps are a must also. They’ll help spread the light around your rooms and give you spots to read or study.

Hang Art (even if you’re not allowed)

Even if you’re not allowed to poke holes in the walls you should hang up art. By using the proper types of hangers you can make a teeny tiny hole in the wall that you can fill before you move on.

You can also use washi tape to hang art on your walls if it’s light enough and 3M strips work great for all kinds of art. If it’s precious be sure that you have plenty of strips on it so that you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s also trendy to lean larger pieces of artwork against the walls or in book shelves if you’ve got some of those.

Don’t skimp out on hanging art – it will make your space feel so much more like your home and it will showcase your personality.

Add Mirrors

A mirror is an instant way to upgrade your rental and will move light around in your space, making it feel more open and airy.

You can use a mirror just like you’d use art in a space and make sure that it reflects back a great visual!

A mirror are also one of my favorite items to find in thrift stores – you can find all kinds of styles and sizes for your space so check out garage sales, marketplace or thrift shops.

A thrift store mirror and a can of spray paint can be a great piece of statement art in your space. And a multi-functional piece of art too. It’s art, it reflects light and you can check out your outfit.

Hang Curtains

Curtains are a great way to upgrade your rental or any other space.  MySimpaticoLife.com
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Those plastic mini blinds that seem to be in every rental I’ve ever looked at are just not kind to the eyes. Yes, they are inexpensive and yes they will provide you with privacy.

Will they make your decorator eye cringe though? Yes they will.

Hang curtains in front of your blinds to provide something pretty to look at instead. If curtains with rods are out of your budget you can be creative. A long piece of fabric can make a beautiful curtain and you can even use the 3M strips to hang it if you need to.

Fabric, a scarf, even a sheet can make a beautiful curtain. The key is in hanging it correctly so it doesn’t look like you have a sheet hanging in your window.


Removeable wallpaper is a great way to upgrade your rental with a temporary solution.  MySimpaticoLife.com
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Putting a pattern on your walls can change the look and feel of your space like nothing else. Since you probably can’t paint your space you can use temporary wallpaper and get a great effect.

You can go as bold and bright as you want or you can even find some solids or subtle stripes. If you’re in a short term rental it’s the perfect time to try out something wild that you might not want to keep permanently.

If you have some beautiful wallpaper that you don’t want to use temporarily you might consider framing pieces of it. Either long panels or small sections of the pattern can make some beautiful artwork.

Washi tape is another fun idea to create a pattern on your walls and it comes in so many fun colors and patterns.

Another idea is to use fabric to stick to your walls! It can easily be applied using this technique.

Cover Up that Carpet

If you’ve got carpet or tile that just isn’t your style you should definitely invest in an area rug. It’s fine to put an area rug right on top of your carpet or even a few accent rugs to give your space some more style and color.

It’s also a great way to cover up that tile that just isn’t your favorite or that color of carpet that you don’t want to look at anymore.

Happy Plants

Pick a tall plant to fill a space in your living room MySimpaticoLife.com

A plant can be one of your best decorating weapons. You can hide a light switch, a thermostat, or a radiator behind a plant.

Plants come in all different shapes and sizes so they can be used as a decorative accent in any room. Another bonus is that a plant is a natural air purifier so they should be required in every home!

Last Thoughts

Be sure that you invest in furniture that you can take with you when you leave. Saving up to purchase a few key pieces that will make the move is a great investment in your future home.

Most of the ways I’ve shared to upgrade your rental are things that you can easily move with you when you move onto a new space. And you’ll find great ways to reuse these items.

These are just a few of my favorite way to upgrade your rental. What great ideas did I miss that need to be added to this list? And which ideas have you already tried?

Let me know in the comments below!

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