The Reveal – One Room Challenge

We’re finally to the reveal for the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge and the end of week six! Check out our new bathroom renovation below.

It’s finished y’all!

I mean I say finished like I won’t ever change anything again and we all know that’s not true – but the construction is finished and it looks amazing.

My husband has pondered why we took a room that “looks fine” and had to improve it but even he was impressed when we put it all back together. He loves the board and batten and the wallpaper (which he was reluctant to agree to in the beginning.)

Before I share the after photo’s (if you haven’t already seen them on social media) I want to share a few tips and the before’s.

Tips for the One Room Challenge

When we started this 6 week challenge we agreed that six weeks was plenty of time to complete a room. Plenty of time!

Well six weeks during a pandemic is a little different because products aren’t always readily available and shipping has also taken a little more planning than we’re used to.

Lumber has been one of the things that we’ve seen the largest price increase in recently and we’ve made good friends at the Pro Desk to keep us updated on fresh delivery’s so we know when to shop.

So if you’re planning to participate in the One Room Challenge in the future here are my tips:

Plan before the challenge actually starts on an outline of what your project will be so that you’re ready to start on the first day. We waited around until the challenge had already started before we decided to join in.

Don’t plan a vacation during the six weeks. We already had a trip on the books and figured it was no big deal but it literally put us a week behind our progress. It was completely worth it but it did add extra stress on finishing the project in time.

Don’t get sick in the middle of the project. You probably don’t have any control over when you might get sick but a sinus infection makes every pound of a nail into a more pounding headache. It made hanging wallpaper take several days instead of one because lifting my arms over my head just took way too much energy to accomplish.

Overall it was a fun challenge and much harder than I had expected it to be. Will we try it again? For sure! I just have to pick a project to work on!

The Before Photo’s

In case you missed the before photo’s here are a couple. The only thing really wrong with this room was that the old acrylic tub was yellowed and scratched. It wasn’t insulated and didn’t keep the water warm at all.

Other than that we just needed to pull the decor together and brighten things up a bit.

The bathroom before the six week challenge

Looking toward the hallway you can see the vanity and mirror.

The tub/shower that needed to be replaced

The tub that needed to be replaced. It’s hard to see the yellow staining in the photo’s but no cleaning product was able to remove the stains (yes I tried them all).

The After Photo’s

The reveal of the new tub/shower combo

We took the tile all the way to the ceiling and the shower curtain as well. I took a simple white shower curtain and added some fun trim to the edge of it for a little pop of color.

I only added trim to the side that opens because this curtain will likely be open most of the time. Except when someone is using it of course. I like it open since the room is small and now that the shower is bright and white it looks great!

The painted vanity in our bathroom reveal

We used the same vanity that was in the room before and added a new top, sink and color! Then I had to find a fun rug that worked in the space. The teal blue ties in with the wallpaper and adds a bright pop to the room.

Painted vanity in our bathroom reveal

Just another view so that you can see the color of the vanity and the new rug we chose. The bright pops of color really add to the fun vibe in this room!


If you want to visit each week then you can follow along on our journey here:

Week One – The Before Photo’s

Week Two – Design Decisions

Week Three – Demo and Install Tub and Tile

Week Four – Board and Batten and Paint

Week Five – Wallpaper and Design Details

Week Six – The Final Reveal


The One Room Challenge is in full swing!

If you are new here, welcome, welcome! I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by to check out the project! This is such a fun even that showcases so much talent and creativity.

Each Wednesday you will see the 20 featured designers’ current progress and on Thursdays 150 plus guest participants link up their rooms. Click here to see this week’s featured designers and Click here to see the guest participants

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