How to Prep for Colorful Summer 2021

Here are a few of my favorite items that I’ve picked out for summer 2021. Well I bought all the pool floats but I’m still trying to decide on patio umbrellas so I’m sharing my picks!

We’ve got some high temps here this week and sunshine and that means time outside and getting the yard ready for spring.

Of course prepping for spring takes my mind right into summer.

Planning for summer at our house means prepping the pool, new floaties and beach towels and whatever other accessories we seem to need each year.

This year is no exception – it’s time to replace some of our patio furniture. Since we have beautiful weather most of the year our furniture stays outside. We use it year round so there’s no reason to move it all inside in the winter since we’ll likely be using it. We will pick up the cushions from the chaise lounges for a couple of months in the winter time but we use the seating areas year round.

This year we are looking to replace the chaise lounges, umbrellas and floats. This all started when I found a great photo of a stenciled deck and went down that rabbit hole – you can check out the impressive before and after’s of these Inspiring Patios. You can also see lot of our saved inspiration on Pinterest – we’ve got Pool Ideas and Outdoor Decor Ideas.

Of course I’ve been inspired by all kinds of fun so I’m sharing them so you can see what great stuff I’m considering for our backyard.

And of course I’ll share it all on instagram when it starts arriving and the weather becomes gloriously hot!

Patio Furniture for Summer 2021

I could share all kinds of patio furniture with you and tell you why I like or don’t like it but I have fallen in love with this set and it will be gracing my patio this summer!

Now the struggle is to find a cute umbrella to match it since I don’t have this amazing pergola on my deck.

It may go onto our covered patio and then I would just need some greenery and all those pretty basket lights. Well, probably a ceiling fan is what we’ll really need. But those basket lights sure are pretty!

Click on any of the products right below the post to get more information or purchase!

My favorite patio set for summer 2021 - you're going to see this in my stories this summer.
via Target

Patio Umbrellas – Summer 2021

I’m going to need to find an umbrella that coordinates with this patio set since there doesn’t seem to be one. I also need some chaise lounges but sheesh, I haven’t found a way to stomach the cost of those yet. I know they’re an investment but I have to get my mind around it.

We generally have three umbrellas. We have a covered porch and deck that extend out from the house (and they’re huge) and then you walk down some concrete steps to the pool.

We usually keep an umbrella by the pool – mostly to shade our phones and drinks while we’re using the pool. We keep two umbrellas one the deck because we have two sets of furniture on the deck. I like to keep two patio sets that seat six each on our deck. When we just have another couple over for dinner it’s intimate enough but when all the kids show up we have plenty of seating for everyone.

Here are a few of the umbrellas that I’m looking at. A couple of them are more money than I want to spend but they are so stinking cute!

Of course there are many more and many colors to choose from but I think either pink or aqua is going to be a great color this season. I’m a little partial to the blue one that’s reversed and has the stripes on the inside – how fun is that?

Click on any of the photo’s below the photo and you’ll get pricing and purchase info.

Here are some great patio umbrellas to choose from for summer of 2021.

Pool Floats for Summer 2021

It’s no surprise that we add to our pool float collection each season. We usually have a few floats that we move forward each season and replace a few but this year we are in need of several.

Last year we used our floats in the river as well as the pool and between being tied into different truck beds and the extra wear and tear they’re in pretty rough shape.

The only upside is that many of these novelty floats have gotten considerable less expensive since they’ve become more and more popular.

There are a couple of brands that make a nice thick float and those tend to last a lot longer, but even the less expensive floats are good for at least an entire season and sometimes longer.

You can click on any of the images below the photo to get pricing and purchasing info.

I might have bought one of each of these pool floats for summer 2021.

What are your summer 2021 plans? Did you already update all your spaces last summer and get way ahead of me? I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing and fun filled summer this year.

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