7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home this Weekend

If you’re feeling uninspired here are a few ways to improve your home this weekend – from easy to inexpensive.

Well if it isn’t bad enough that we’ve all had way more home time than we wanted we now have the winter weather to really keep us inside.

I mean, admit it, you’re ready for spring and some outside time. Am I right?

We live in central Texas so the weather is really nice here about 9 months out of the year. We have August into September that can have some really unbearable heat and then we have a little spot of winter. Winter is usually spread out over a couple of weeks in February and a few chilly days here and there.

But this weekend is a whopper. We’ve got real winter and we are not at all prepared for it.

I know that people up north cannot understand it, but we don’t really have snow, we’ve got ice. Ice that coats the roads and the plants and the power lines and makes winter life not so much fun.

But I’ve got some great tips for ways that you can improve your home this weekend since you’re going to be cozy inside of it. Or you can save these ideas for the next time you need a change to your surroundings.

The bonus – these are all budget friendly!

Ideas to Improve Your Home this weekend

Rearrange the Furniture

I know you’ve already thought of this! Changing up the arrangement of your furniture is a free way to update your space and make it feel like new. Or at least a new version of the space.

Set a timer and move all that furniture around. Swap out some small tables from one room to another or move all the house plants around.

The extra bonus with this activity is that you’ll get some exercise while you’re doing it.

This is an easy project to make as big or little of a statement as you’d like. You can just move a couple of pieces from one side of the room to another or you can go all in and move furniture from one room to another. (Or from the garage, the barn and the guest house….)

If you don’t love it all when you’re finished you can always just change it back!

Just count it as burning some energy and calories. Or brainstorming some new ideas for the next time you’re out thrift shopping.

A few ideas – swap out mirrors, rugs and even light fixtures from one room to another. Move your furniture to a new orientation in your room. Or remove some decor to give your space (and yourself) some breathing room.

Upside, this project shouldn’t take all weekend. You can probably complete it in a few hours.

The most popular and comfortable living room layouts according to Wayfair. MySimpaticoLife.com
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So you’ll actually need some paint on hand if you’re planning a paint project but there are so many things that you can paint!

If you’re like me you’ve always got some paint on hand. I have several colors of spray paint, craft paint and more sample paints than I want to count.

You can paint an entire room a new color. Or just an accent wall.

You can paint a piece of furniture and completely change the way it looks.

You can paint a light fixture to give it a new look. Or cabinet hardware.

Paint a canvas and have yourself a new piece of art.

My favorite way to improve my home in a weekend, and use up some of my sample paint, is to paint my front door. I think it’s safe to say that it gets a seasonal color!


Organizing your home can be as easy as making sure all your canned good labels are facing forward or all your shirts are folded the same.

If you’ve never used the Marie Kondo folding method then you should definitely get to work on those drawers. I cannot believe how much easier it is to find what I’m looking for by using this method to fold my shirts and pants.

The downside is that when I’m lazy I just throw all my shirts into the drawer and I have to go through every once in awhile and refold them.

But this also makes me pay attention to the items that I haven’t worn that might need to be removed from the mix.

I like to use shoe boxes and small clear containers for organizing my spaces. I’ll add some leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper to cover the boxes so that they look pretty lined up in my space.

If you want to improve your home this weekend I would just choose one small area to organize. Then work outward from there. If it’s the pantry just start with one shelf. If it’s the kitchen just start with one drawer (don’t start with the junk drawer). Each small step is a victory and once you conquer one drawer or shelf you can move onto another. Before you know it – you’re organized!


Declutter usually means that I need to go through items and get rid of some.

For me, the easiest way to accomplish this is just to work in one small area at a time. One drawer, one linen closet or even just one area of my own closet.

Slowly clearing out the items that I don’t use or want anymore and moving them out of my space.

I especially love all the tips from Becoming Minimalist because their whole philosophy is based on owning what you want and what serves you. There’s no guilt involved, it’s about creating a lifestyle that you want.

I tend to go from one extreme to another by picking up all kinds of project pieces and then purging when it all makes me crazy. Do what works for you!

DIY a Craft or Art for your space

If you’re ready to replace some art in your frames you can check out Pinterest for free printables. Print up some new art and hang it up.

Pull together some of your frames that you aren’t using and create a gallery wall with free printables and photos. Use that leftover spray paint to paint all your frames the same color and create a gallery wall.

If you’ve got a big canvas or a piece of art you no longer love why not paint over it?

Abstract art is very popular right now, you just need a few basic colors and you can easily mix up some to match your decor. Or try creating more of a landscape type art for your space.

Make a pretty wreath for your front door for spring – we know it’ll be here soon right?

There’s no end to the ways you can DIY something to improve your home this weekend. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration!

Wallpaper a focal point

This is another project that you’d have to be prepared for ahead of time but with all the new peel and stick wallpaper you can easily make a focal wall in an afternoon.

There are no end to all the fun patterns and colors that you can find either. This is definitely a small way to improve your home this weekend.

Deep Clean

You can deep clean a space or your entire home. Or focus on one thing like the floors.

I always think it’s a good time to do the cleaning things we don’t do very often like cleaning the fans and the trim above the doors and windows. Are those really on your weekly list? Or even your monthly list?

I think they’re on my “whenever it occurs to me” list.

I do love my feather duster though. It makes keeping my bookshelves clean so much easier. Then when I deep clean I’ll take everything off the shelves and clean the shelf and each item on it. Deep cleaned!

And really, I try to never deep clean my floors. We live on a few acres off a dirt road so the amount of dust, and well, mud; it can be a lot. We run the vaccuum a lot, like every single day. But when it comes to mopping, ugh.

What Ideas do you have to Improve Your Home this Weekend?

I know when the weather is nice I’ve got way more than 7 ideas to do outside since we’ve got a front porch, back porch, yard, deck, pool. So many outdoor spaces.

But this was for the indoors so be sure to let me know what I missed!

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