One Room Challenge Week Eight – The Project Reveal

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks then you’ve seen bits and pieces of the project that we started on for this One Room Challenge.

Now we’re to week eight and the Final Project Reveal!

If you’ve been following along you’ve also seen that we’ve missed a few spots here and there and it’s because we’ve had an exciting addition to our (extended) family. Our daughter had our first grandbaby recently, which was part of the reason that we were working on this guest room/nursery project to begin with.

It looks like we’ve finished it just in time to host the new family for Thanksgiving.

A Tale of Delays and Delivery’s

I know that everyone is dealing with delivery delay’s and this project has been no exception. We are still waiting on the pillows to arrive. They will likely be here tomorrow, right after I actually share the project so hopefully I’ll get a chance to update it quickly.

Our rug made it just in time to get photo’s. It was first delivered to a family in another state. We received their rug as well so that was a lot of time on the phone to get it straightened out but it worked out in the end.

In case you haven’t been following along I’ll tell you quickly about the One Room Challenge.

The One Room Challenge Event

This event happens twice a year and Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner. But they’re not the only great sponsors. If you click on the logo below it will take you to the progress of the guest participants.

One Room Challenge Guest Participant Logo

The link will take you right to week 8 where the project reveals happen. Be sure to check out some of the amazing projects and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. There are some amazing transformations and there are also a lot of very talented people sharing their projects.

I never fail to find several new Instagram accounts to follow and a few projects to save into my idea files.

The Project Reveal

I’m going to share our project in a couple of blocks for you so that you can see the before and the after. I always find a project much more compelling when I see the photo’s close together.

We started off thinking we’d just update a bedroom. The bedroom was already considered a guest room but having grand baby’s on the way means we need a room that’s better suited for a family to stay here.

The first purchase was a crib. Then a new bed. Of course paint, curtains, rugs and a few decorative updates followed.

The Before Photo’s

As you can see in the before photo’s, there’s nothing wrong with the room, but every room can use a little update.

The bathroom was slightly the same story. We needed to remove the tub surround but other than that it was functioning just fine, it just needed a little updating.

The Project Reveal – The Closet

Of course we’re going to start with the least exciting part of the new room!

The closet got paint. White paint and a new light.

Nothing exciting but it did make it look much lighter and cleaner inside the closet. Well that and getting rid of some junk might have helped as well.

Also, don’t mistake parts that are not exciting as parts that didn’t take any work. Painting a closet was no joke. It’s easy because it’s all one color and it’s hard because there are lot’s of corner’s, nooks and crannies to get into. Lot’s of brush work!

Closet from the guest room Fall 2021 One Room Challenge Reveal.  MySimpaticoLife.com

The Project Reveal – The Guest Bathroom

We weren’t planning to update the tile and fixtures in this house so most of the project we take on will be working with or around the existing tile. The shower tile matches the floor tile, which matches the tile throughout the house so changing one thing is a huge domino effect.

So paint and paint are the updates.

Paint makes a huge difference in any space and adding in some decor really brings things to life.

This bathroom is connected to the hallway and also to the guest bedroom through a pocket door.

Here’s the new lighter and brighter bathroom!

The cabinet is one of my new favorite colors – Palmetto by Dixie Belle Paint. I’ll tell you all about the paint in another post because I’ve got several projects that we have finished with it.

We painted the walls white and the ceiling blue. It is a gorgeous denim shade of blue and works great with the green cabinet. Both of these colors will be used again in future projects because they are great colors.

I love the rug and it’s the perfect fit in this room. It ties all the colors together that I chose and it has a nice thick pile to it.

The shower curtain will be replaced by taller curtains but for now we need one that will make the shower functional so this is a stand in for that.

The Project Reveal – The Bedroom

The Bedroom was the kickoff to the whole project.

We started with an idea to update the decor and it turned into a much bigger project and also a much better project.

The very first thing we updated was the ceiling.

The ceiling had it’s tallest tier filled in and then we planked it. I had originally planned to paint it the same color as the room, but after it was installed we decided that staining it would look fantastic. And it does.

Ceiling of the guest bedroom update for the fall 2021 One Room Challenge  MySimpaticoLife.com

We added a new bed and bedding.

Mr. Fix It custom built the night stands to fit on either side of the bed. Each of them has a reading light and a handy switch and plug combo on the side of it so you can charge your phone without trying to find that one plug that’s behind the bed for your charger.

They’re a great fit for a really tight space and will give our guests the perfect amount of space next to the bed.

The wall opposite the bed has a dresser that’s the perfect height to use as a changing table. We added a mirror and some fun art to this space.

It ties in beautifully with my favorite part of the project.

The mural might be my favorite part of the project!

We added a mural to one wall of the bedroom and it makes the whole room!

Of course it’s the wall that the crib sits against.

I absolutely love how it turned out and it makes me smile every time I walk into this room.

We also removed the plantation shutters from the lower section of windows and added curtains.

This is the view from the hallway now and it makes me so happy.

When I walk out of my bedroom each morning and look across this is the view I see and I absolutely love all the colors.

There you have it.

We started with a small plan and it grew into a bigger project and we even managed to pull it off.

By the deadline.

Not just the One Room Challenge deadline but also getting it finished in time for our new grandbaby to come and stay for Thanksgiving.

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year.

I hope you enjoyed the project reveal and I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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Week Eight One Room Challenge Proejct Reveal - the makeover of the guest/nursery and bath.  MySimpaticoLife.com

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  1. My favorite part of this beautiful space is the vignette of the paintings and dresser. So beautiful! And those curtains are beautiful. Awesome work!!!

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