The Best Keto Biscuits Recipe to Make Fast

The Best Keto Biscuits Recipe you can make quickly and it's also paleo and gluten free! |

My Favorite Keto Biscuits – Paleo, Low Carb and Gluten Free

I may have finally created the best keto biscuits that are super easy to make!  And they don’t take long at all.

These keto biscuits bake up nicely with a great texture and they’re low carb.  I mean, what else could you want in a biscuit?

Bread hasn’t been one of my craving since starting the Ketogenic diet.  I truly haven’t missed it very much, but I sure do miss french fries!

What I did start craving this week was cream gravy.  Once I got cream gravy on the brain it moved onto biscuits and sausage gravy.  And then I was doomed because it was all I could think about.

I was obviously not going to be productive at all until my cravings were satisfied.

Of course sausage gravy is as close to a cheat keto food as you can get, it’s sausage and cream.  Instead of milk I used heavy cream.  I threw in a bit of almond flour to thicken it up and it was good, really good.

Especially over these biscuits.

But back to the biscuits.

Best Keto Biscuit Fresh From the Oven |

Keto Friendly Baking Flour

I have used almond flour and coconut flour to bake keto recipes.

It can be hard to get the proportions exactly right and the keto bread recipes tend to be pretty dry and dense.  If it’s not dry and dense it may be somewhat oily.

I would say most of the bread recipes that we’ve tried have been unsatisfying.

The Best Keto Biscuits are a combination of Almond Flour and Coconut Flour and I think that improves the texture.  They fluffed up and were easy to spread butter onto.

I find them a bit sweet without adding savory spices to them, but a bit of rosemary and garlic powder make the recipe taste completely different!

I think you could swap out the butter for coconut oil if you’re non dairy, but you’ll want to experiment with the amount to be sure they aren’t too dry, or too oily.  The coconut flour tends to make recipes a bit drier than the almond flour does.

These biscuits were crumbly, but they held their shape when they were formed into biscuits.

Keto, paleo and gluten free biscuits that are light and flaky - oh yes!

How to Make the Best Keto Biscuits

The recipe is below and it only takes a few minutes to make.  Mix up the dry ingredients, mix in the liquids and form them into biscuits.  You can use a spoon or a scoop but I prefer using my hands.  Form the dough into ball and then just flatten the tops a bit when you put them on the baking sheet.  They will only rise and expand a little so a batch will easily fit on one baking sheet.

You can add some savory spices into the mix to change up the flavors a bit – try an Italian mix for a different flavor, or whatever your favorite combination of spices is.

You can also put some whipped cream and berries on them  I’m not going to say how I know that it’s delicious.

The Best Keto Biscuits recipe that's also paleo and gluten free.

The Best Keto Biscuits Recipe

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The Best Keto Biscuits Recipe you can make quickly |

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