15 Amazing Mocktails You’re Going to Love This Summer

If you’re looking for some great mocktails to cocktails recipes for summer we’ve got you covered. These are all family friendly and fun recipes that you’re going to love.

There’s an interesting thing that has happened in our household over the last few years. The kids have grown up, gotten married, and now they’re having kids.

While I would say that our family is a far cry from drinking at every event, we do love a good cocktail and we’ve tried plenty of drink recipes.

We love to try out interesting drinks and we’re always game to try out a new recipe that looks interesting.

Now with girls being pregnant or trying to get pregnant we’ve been looking up some great booze free drinks to add into the mix.

These are also great for parties – especially a baby shower where many of the participants aren’t drinking but these mocktails are fun and festive and that’s reason enough alone to try them.

All of these are perfect for Dry January as well but we did put an extra focus on summer mocktails so many of them are frozen or slushy type drinks to sip by the pool.

The pool is probably the only way to survive a hot Texas summer when you’re pregnant. Add in a frozen mocktail and bring on the heat!

Of course you can turn any mocktail into a cocktail by adding a shot of your favorite alcohol into them. You can whip up a batch of mocktails and keep the shots separate for the guests who would like some added.

Most people will be pleasantly surprised and how great these all are I bet!

Check out all these fun recipes and then let me know which is your favorite. I still haven’t decided!

Non-Alcoholic Mocktails Drink Recipes

Note that you can always add alcohol to make these mocktails into cocktails but almost every one of these recipes is going to be great for any party or barbecue that you’re hosting.

I’m off to stock up on all kinds of fun garnishes to make these drinks and probably some fun glassware as well.

We all know that a pretty drink tastes better in a pretty glass with an umbrella or fruit garnish!

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